Paranoid vs. Prepared

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    How do you all feel about the seperation between the two. My husband is a survivalist at heart born and raised deep in the Rockies. Sometimes I think he is going to far but he really doesn't think so. :confused:
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    Prepared - several firearms with enough ammo and spare parts for the great-grandkids.

    Paranoid - German 88's and pillboxes at each corner of the yard and tank-traps instead of a picket fence.

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    Someone who is paranoid is fraught with delusions / irrational suspicions of people, actions or motives.

    For example, if your husband is fortifying your home because he thinks the mailman is a former KGB agent who is now working for Al-Qaeda and plans to kidnap you, that's paranoia.

    If, however, he keeps the doors locked and a gun handy in case of burglars, or keeps the basement stocked with food, water, medical supplies, guns & ammo in case of a natural disaster, riot, or other event that may disrupt social order and the supply chain, that's preparedness. Those are rational fears, because those events DO happen.
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    you cant ever be too prepared. Its almost like carrying a condom, better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it, it applies to everything, such as a Blackhawk Night Ops Gladius, a set of handcuffs, three extra mags loaded with HST rounds or Rangers LE rounds, two Ka-bars, a pen, a watch cap, an extra flash light, a coat, etc. I always carry what i cant on my person in the trunk of my car. I am actually looking at picking up a gun rack for the trunk of my personal vehicle so i can take my M4 from my patrol car and lock it in on my personal vehicle. too many bad people out there, and being prepared never hurt anyone, better to haul all that crap around for years, to have it that one time when you really need it, then to be stuck without it in a dire situation. they say bad things happen to good people, i say fight back.

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    LOL I like that...yeah I am well equiped as well...have a small armory..:D
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    Just because your paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you :D .
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    Bottom line is, the only person who can protect you is yourself. Everyone should be free to choose how to accomplish that. For some, it is placing yourself in the hands of someone else, police, God, whoever. Having worked in public safety for 30 years, I know who to trust, me.

    Having just escaped an oppressive and sometimes brutal government, our founding fathers believed likewise I am certain. With a well armed and organized citizenry, government officials will be a lot less likely to try and take away the liberties that everyone enjoys. The first thing a government intent on taking away freedom will want to do, is disarm its people. A little paranoia is a healthy thing.
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    When Clint Smith, founder of Thunder Ranch, was asked if he was "paranoid" referencing he often carries a gun, his reply was something like this...."No, why should I be, I've got a gun!"



    Paranoid, VS Prepared?

    Hello all


    I was in the Military for 24 years, Uncle Sam had this habit of dropping my butt in some seriously bad places? I did carry and use what he had given me, But I always thought a few other items to be "PRUDENT"! Some thought I was Nuts, thought I was bringing way too much, too heavy ECT, By the way, those are the ones that always wanted to borrow or use something I had brought?

    I agree that You can go too far? Traveling around in an M-60, Personal vehicle Looks like a re-run of the "Road Warror", you can take it too far indeed! How Far is too far? You will know it, when you can no longer lift, or carry it? LOL

    With all seriousness, it's a bad world out there, by being a bit more prepared than the average Joe, we feel better about it, Live safer and It's our Money and our life, so our business, right? My wife is not near as prepardness minded as I am, but she and my Family loves me and has so seen My Preps to be a life or vacation saver? It's all a matter of Perspective, Keep yours and make usre it doesn't step on the right of other, I say?

    RON L
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    I totally agree with my constant predecessor, Ron. Chill out. Talk to your husband. See why he feels the way he does. Be casual. Have some "face time".

    You may be surprised to find out that self sufficiency and dependence upon ones self, instead of others,fosters an attitude of "preparedness".;)


    Paraniod, VS Prepared!

    Brent and all the rest of ya!

    RON L here, I have to strongly agree with Brent, You need to relax, Look and see if he is over the line or knows or sees something you don't? Ask Him toi ease up to where you both are comfortable? My Wife of More than 25 years always has a say in how and when we do things and it's helped our marrigae as well as getting along in the crazy world? Thanks for the Kudo's Trent, your a Good EGG and Have a strong voice here as well!

    RON L