Para LDA Sear Hole Location?

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    Im sure im not the first to ask you this question. (Please see attachments)

    I was wondering if you can help me out with to Sear Hole Location from the center of the Slide Stop Pivot Hole (YELLOW in attachment)
    To the LDA Sear Hole (PINK in attachment)?

    What is (DOWN)?
    What is (ACROSS)?

    Yes the attachment pic is a double stack. It doesnt matter.

    I got a 80% frame (LDA Single Stack Officer 3.5 length barrel) from Sarco Inc. and i cant find that dimension anywhere.
    Not knowing much about the Lda at that time of purchase.
    I already have all the parts to complete this build but that hole location.

    I know i can convert to single action but i dont want to do that yet since i already have all the double action parts.

    If you "cant" help, can you please point me in the right direction?

    I am building a Universal Drill/Slide cut fixture with drill bushings for single and double action (LDA) so these numbers wont be a mistery anymore and i will share to whomever needs them.
    I know there's fixtures on the market already but not for the LDA Sear Hole Location.
    If I am missing any details please let me know.

    Please no smart remarks.
    We are adults here.
    I know im a noob, and you were once one too.

    Thank you very much.

    Andy O.

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    Can't seem to find anyone with an lda willing to give out that info I'll keep looking and post if I find