Para hi-cap 1911's

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  1. ScottA

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    What is your take on Para's high capacity 1911's? Good design? Bad design? What is the grip like? Too big? Any quality issues?

    I haven't been able to put my hands on one yet, and I'm curious to find out what people's experiences are with them.
  2. NGIB

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    I had a P16 (2 of them actually) for a couple of years. These are .40 S&W guns but very similar to the P14 in .45 ACP. The grip is large but not as chunky as a Glock 21. My P16s ran perfectly with no problems. The only negative stuff I've read regarded the small double stack Paras with short barrels.

    I believe masterPsmith carries/uses a P14, I think stalkingbear has a Para double stack as well - these would be votes of confidence in my book...

  3. masterPsmith

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    I have an early P-14 that I got many, many moons ago. It is my main carry gun. When I go out for serious practice, I usually cap around 500 rounds in a session. I have well over 30,000 rounds (conservitive) through this pistol. You can shake it and it has no rattles and still shoots well under 2" @25 yards. It has also been the most reliable 1911 I have ever owned.
    The only things I have done to mine are, match bushing, full length recoil spring guide, extended safety, high grip extended beavertail with memory pad and large mag well.
    I have also built many competition guns based on Para's wide body frames until STI started making their wide body frames. If you go with the Para, you won't be disapointed.

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  4. c3shooter

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    Recently got one of the smaller Paras- the C-7/45. Single stack, so has smaller grip than the doubles, but I have been very impressed with accuracy and reliability of a VERY small .45 auto. And I has small hands. :p
  5. Westy

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    Proud owner of two of them- A P13 (s.s.) and a P14. Both great guns!

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