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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by David26, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Got a chance to put some rounds threw the new 1911 and this is more of a redneck down by the creek report then a range report but here it goes anyway. Right out of the box the gun is as accurate as any semi auto I have shot. Had a nice feel did not have any prob with hammer bite and it has a real nice trigger pull. Would love to show yall some targets with nice tight groupings but old mostly empty whisky bottles that the winos and teens leave down there don’t hold up to well against a .45 but they sure r a lot of fun to shoot.
    100 round not one miss fire or jam but after getting the gun home did have an issue with being able to push the slide stop lever out without lining up the disassembly notch. Took it back up to Carols gun shop where I bought it and they slapped another slide stop in it real quick and it works great now could not find anything wrong with the one that came on the gun no wearing or broken parts the slide stop just seemed to be under sized. The bluing or Para Kote is starting to wear around the edges already but I am still happy with the gun

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    Great David, I am glad you are happy with that Para and had no shooting malfunctions, hopefully there will be no more disassembling distractions in the future that will detour you from the rest of your shooting excursions.

    Enjoy and shoot it, shoot it a lot. :D


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    Love my GI Expert as well. Get rid of those hard plastic grips ASAP and you will like it even more.[​IMG]