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Paperwork for suppressor and NFA Firearms to Civ

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I was wondering where one can obtain the forms necessary to purchase an NFA firearm or suppressor and how one would go about asking one of the eligible officials to sign off on the purchase (as a signature is necessary).

Has anyone any information on coastal guns and their suppressors? I was looking into the Ultima.

"1) A standard thread mount interface or 2) R.A.D. (Recoil Attenuation Device)"
And I was wondering if someone could explain what R.A.D Recoil attenuation Device means and does.
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If the store that you're buying it from can't walk you through the process, you need to find a new store.

A "recoil attenuation device" is nothing more than a muzzle break.

I've never heard of Coastal. I'd stick with a larger company. What are you planning on attaching the suppressor to?
Well as of now I have only been browsing suppressors online trying to find good deals, I'm serious about purchasing a suppressor, however right now I do not have the necessary funds to make a purchase. But I do want to become acquainted with the processes of a purchase though (so as to be prepared)... that is the context of my question.

I'll be attaching the suppressor to a S&W M&P 9mm. The R.A.D. probably wont be necessary...
The transfer of a suppressor, full auto, Short barreled shotgun, etc, must pass thru a Class III dealer. You can browse all you want, but the device will need to go TO that dealer, who handles a goodly part of the paperwork, and holds the device until transfer is approved by BATFE. You may want to check around for dealers in your state. BATFE can give you some more info on the actual paperwork, LEO approval, prints, etc. ALSO- consider establishment of a Trust, and transfer to the Trust- can simplify things (like LEO approval, etc)
So... I know how a trust works, but I wasn't aware one could transfer firearms into a trust. If I'm the trustee as well as the primary beneficiary wouldn't I still have to get LEO approval? Or how does that work?

I read some posts on people asking dumb questions they could just google... and that seems counter productive to the whole idea of a forum in my oppinion, so if you don't know the answer please don't respond with 'google' it because that is not helpful at all. (of course I'm going to google it but some may not have time and some may like the atmosphere of forums as opposed to wikipedia or other articles that are unable to answer questions)

Long live constructive forums such as this one! ;)

I'd check into AAC's Evo-9 suppressor.

Advanced Armament Corporation - EVOLUTION 9mm

I wasn't impressed by the Coastal cans I've handled, they were heavy, long and used dated technology, they were cheap however.
The coastal ultima is actually lighter than the EVO (at least thats what the site says) and I don't like the fact that the sites become useless when the EVO is attached... However on second thought, a laser site would fix that problem. I don't like how coastal doesn't have the sound ratings for their cans either. The posted sound rating for the EVO is pretty good but it's really expensive compared to the ultima... I guess you get what you pay for, but for now that's just a guess.
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With the establishment of a qualified legal trust, the requirement for LEO approval and fingerprinting is bypassed (how do you fingerprint a trust?) However, the background check of the trustee still takes place, Please do not ask me to explain why- Federal Regs do not have to make sense.

And while there ARE dumb questions (Sir, what happens if I drop the grenade at my feet with the pin pulled? Well, then you are going to die, son.) yours is a legit question. Hoever, there a bunch of additional questions you are going to have that you did not yet know you would have- like what your STATE requirements are for a suppressor, full auto, etc, and where do you keep the paperwork showing you have a registered suppressor, and can you move from one weapon to another, but what if removing it makes your rifle too short (bbl less than 16") etc. A GOOD CLass III dealer can (and will) walk you thru those things.

and if you are looking for a can for a .22, check out Yankee Hill,

Right you are sir!:p However I have been actively searching the forums for answers ;)

Thanks for your response.
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