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    OK, the (really wonderful) wife ordered the .54 caliber Pedersoli Replica 1862 Confederate (Robinson) Sharps carbine from DGW. This is my Xmas present! It arrived yesterday, and I was allowed to open the box to "check for shipping damage".

    She also ordered the .544" Sharps bullets and the DGW paper cartridge rolling kit.

    The DGW recommended load is 50 grains of FFFg (which is the same load I shoot in my Walker-Colt replica). Does anyone out there have other load recommendations?

    I do have a few cartridge making questions:

    1. Should the bullet be lubed? There are grease rings on the cast bulets, but I cannot see any reference to bullet lubrication in any of the articles I have found online.

    2. Some online articles, and the instructions in the DGW kit, show making a "powder only" paper cartridge to be inserted into the breech after you drop in the bullet. Other online articles show inserting the bullet into the paper tube and tying it (or gluing it?) at one end then pouring the powder into the other end. Any comments or suggestions?

    This is gonna be fun!
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    Have not done the Sharps thingy, but DO make paper cartridges for some of my charcoal burners. I use JOB Double-Wider rolling papers (which DO get me some strange looks at the local mini-mart, since the owner knows me and my background!)

    Lube- yeah, with BP, you are gonna need it. Helps keep BP fouling somewhat controlled. Bore Butter will (I think) be a bit too sloppy- I use Crisco for my .50 Maxis- in the forward grease grooves. I save the rearmost grease groove for attachment of the paper tube. I roll the papers onto a dowel just a hair bigger than the bullet, slide off the dowel, let dry, then slip over base of bullet, and tie it with a single strand of COTTON thread. Synthetics are a bad idea. Measure powder, pour into tube, fold excess, glue down (drop of mucillage or flour/water) let dry. Mine are front loaders- tear or bite paper, pour powder down, insert bullet paper and all, ram home. DO be aware of potential for smoldering bit of paper if reloading in a rush.

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    Here are a few that I have "rolled" using the DGW/Shiloh Sharps kit.

    Ended up using about 85 grains of FFg to compeletely fill the chamber (no air space - like all BP loads). OAL is just over 2.5" to allow the powder end of the cartridge to protrude a bit out of the chamber so it can be cut-off when you close the breech (raise the falling block).

    I have ordered some SPG lube, and plan to melt it in a double boiler then dip the bullet end up to the paper interface, filling the grease grooves and hopefully sealing the bullet/paper joint a bit better than the glue stick. I tried tying with silk thread, but my sausage sized fingers don't do fine work very well.

    Now, I have to wait until Christmas to try these out!

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    That looks like it could fun. Let us know how it shoots.