PALADINO for Governor And the 2nd Amendment

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by mrreynolds, Sep 22, 2010.

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    Dear 2nd Amendment supporter,

    For the first time that I can remember we have our 2nd Amendment destiny in our hands, we have one of us running for Governor; the most important office in New York State. Think about that for a moment Governor of New York State and we can make it happen. No let me rephrase that we must make it happen. We must put complacency, defeatism and partisanship behind us. We must redouble our efforts to insure that our candidate is successful and becomes the first pro 2nd Amendment Governor in the modern history of New York State. This is the year we must put the Political Party of our parents, our unions, our teachers and our differences behind us and elect a pro 2ns Amendment Governor.


    PALADINO for the People

    PALADINO for Our Governor

    Paladino for the People : Carl Paladino for Governor of New York

    Thanks for your support and vote
  2. bkt

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    Paladino says some pretty good things. But when he talked about abusing the power of Eminent Domain to take the property away from Rauf in NYC to prevent the GZ mosque from being built, he lost me. Big-government power grabs are tyranny, even if they work in my favor.

    Lazio is a putz who stands as much chance of being elected as you or I.

    Cuomo is a waste product.

    And our Assembly and Senate are packed with leftist collectivist idiots.

    All in all, we look to be screwed no matter what. Situation normal.

    IF Paladino would apologize for and retract his ED remark, he'd have my vote.