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    Hows it going guys? Im new to this so bare with me. What would be the best way to paint my shotgun camo? I only wanna paint the wood parts buy dont want it to rub or scratch off easily
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    In the days past you would have had to get spray paint, leaves, & sticks to do a stencil type camo job. Now some people can get it to turn out right but most can't. Here is the new way to do camo & get a very professional looking job every time, just watch the video.

    [ame=]DIY camo gun dipping kit hydrographics - YouTube[/ame]

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    I recommend Duracoat. you could get away with krylon but Duracoat will hold up a lot better. The key to durability with any of it will be your prep work. He's right though, youll want to make some sort of stencil. I have done several of the "pinestraw" jobs. The trick to getting it to look right is all in how you layer your colors. Grab a 2x4 or something cheap to practice on. If you want a different type of camo youll need to make the stencils with masking tape and a knife, or buy them online. I created all mine on the computer and have a stencil cutter cut them for me. Ill sell em if your interested.


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