Paintball Gun And The New MB68P And Other Projectiles

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    Ok They say first impressions are what count, So here go’s. I know some of you are laughing at the moment at the thought of a paintball gun could ever be considered a alternative weapon. I do hope you take a few min to read what I have to say and keep a open mind. Remember not everyone can have, has or wants a firearm for one reason or another.

    First I'll give a little info on what I have learned these last couple months. Paintball guns have come a long ways in the last couple years they were fist invented to mark animals for slaughter, then progressed into a game enjoyed my many they have also been use as tools for police and military training as well as in the field for less lethal compliance.

    A standard off the shelf paint ball gun starts at about $150.00 and up they use a 8oz and up 3,000 psi tank of Co2 the velocity can be adjusted up or down to about 400 fps they are played in the game at about 300fps and are accurate at about 150 feet. The weight of a paintball is about 3 grams and .68Cal.

    Military and law enforcement guns work on the same principles with a few modifications such as a longer stronger velocity spring for a much higher adjustable fps rate as well as a little longer barrel for better accuracy. They fire such projectile like Pepper balls, marking and rubber balls for training and in the field compliance.

    Let me start by saying that a paintball gun is no match to a real firearm showdown But it now does have a place as a alternative self defense weapon when you consider these types of ammo, No not paint balls let me explain. Back in November of last year I purchased a paintball gun I thought it might be fun to shoot and pass some time, after seeing what a paintball gun was capable of doing it got me thinking about self defense so I did some investigating a little experimenting and came up with the MB68P which is short for Marble Ball .68cal Projectile.

    The Mb68P are a extreme less lethal bone shattering trauma induced 5/8 or 16mm solid marble glass sphere surrounded and coated with 1mm or so of rubber to bring it up to size in this case 17.24mm or .68Cal. The rubber on the ball serves a few purposes, it bring the marble to the proper size, It also acts as a shock absorber against the bolt when firing this heavier projectile as well as protects your barrel from being scratched, scared and damaged. The rubber also protects the marble itself from shattering breaking or splintering in or outside your gun when or after fired. The weight is 6 Grams or about 100 grains. Fired at 350 to 650 fps in a smooth bore .68Cal paintball gun and are most effective and accurate at a range of 150 feet or less. These work in all .68 paintball gun and can be reused over and over again.

    I have also acquired resin bead balls for times when the MB68P is on called for. These weigh about 3 grams and are a hard plastic resin ball.

    I also found a way to make my own capsaicin pepper balls, capsaicin pepper/marble balls and capsaicin pepper oil balls.
    For the pepper balls I found the hottest capsaicin pepper powder (world record ghost chilies), 2.5 grams
    For the pepper/marble ball I added a 9mm glass marble. 3 grams
    For the capsaicin pepper oil balls I use the capsaicin extract oil from the powder although I‘m considering using pure cap capsaicin. 2.68 grams

    I would only use these in a case of self defense and or protecting my family. I know its no match in a real fire fight against a real fire arm, Yet some times a real gun is not a option or may not be available.

    Well there you have it. Please don’t kill the massager , Kind of a love hate thing I started here. Some of you are going to hate it, Some of you are going to love it and want to know more. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions or to simply send me a pm.

    Thank you all Michael
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    Michael you might be onto something with the less than lethal self defense thing. I just wonder about the legal implications? You have obviously done some intense homework and R&D here and my only thought is that someone might consider the paintball gun, now modified; to be a firearm. You shoot someone with it and they get arrested with some slight trauma, and decide to file suit. Yes, that can happen too with a firearm, but; it's a firearm to start with.

    I like the idea for folks living in duplexes, condos and apartments!

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    That's some really cool stuff! I guess I'll throw in my 2 cents :p

    Pros: Obviously everything you said is really useful. I like that it's brand new, so theres room for some seriously awesome technology to get involved. Also, It would be a great self defense tool if you for some reason weren't allowed to own a gun (got in trouble as a kid or something).

    cons: These can still cause some serious damage, which is good if your in a self defense situation. But mostly kids are owners of paintball guns, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a few kids die from shooting their friends with these things in the face. like Dune said, it's like a firearm, but giving a poorly trained kid a "firearm" is just asking for trouble!

    I hope I gave everyone a little more to think about. I think it might be best kept as a secret, and not widely promoted, because thats when the damage is done. I still love the idea though! Makes me wish I hadn't sold my paintball gun :(
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    If you want a really effective round that WOULD be able to compete with a real firearm you should consider grinding up glass and mixing it with a very fine capsaicin powder. When the projectile makes impact the powder would fly everywhere with an area of effect and get into peoples eye's nose mouth and throat... Esentially blinding them and incapacitating them in general... As it would be an area affect project you wouldnt even have to hit them... Although a hit to the face would probably be pretty devastating...

    p.s. when i said blind them, i mean quite literally blind them... permanant style