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    I picked up a new Sig P238 as a Christmas present to my wife. She just turned 21 and will be getting a carry permit soon, so she needed a nice, small gun to keep in her bag. She is a big fan of my Glock, and for a while I looked into a model 27. I'd rather her carry something with a safety though, as she would more than likely carry in a "red" status. I had read reviews on the new Tarus PT709, and liked it based on it's "Glock-ness." I took her out and went to just about every shop in the area, but only one had the 709 in stock. It was the silver/black model, of which I'm not a fan(guns should be black, IMO). The gun handled well, and fit her nicely, but the slide was really tight for a 9mm. Tighter than a new Glock .40S&W even. So, we looked at other pistols there. It was the first time I had handled the Sig, and I instantly liked it. It's build quality is miles above most small carry guns like those from Kel-tek; as is it's price. She loved it too, mainly for the ease of cocking, as well as it's sights. We picked it up for $430 plus tax. The only down side to the pistol would have to be ammo. If you can even find .380ACP, it's really high. Even ball is $1 a shot almost. I got 14 practice from my grandfather, as well as some Hornady Critical Defense rounds. We went out and ran the ball through, as well as a few of the Hornadys. It fed really well, and there was hardly any felt recoil. Tricia could fire controled pairs, off hand at 10-15 yards with really good shot placement. Groups print just above the front sight at that distance. I'm really very impressed with the pistol. I may even pick one up for myself as an ankle gun when I get back.
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    Congrats on the new gun. A great Christmas present. I would love one, but I already have 2 .380s I have trouble feeding. :D

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    Ooooh, Oooooh, I've seen those. They look like a micro-mini 1911...I want, I want.
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    That sounds pretty darn good. :)