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    Last time I was at home on leave I picked up a pmag with the window. I love that thing i also have some C Products 30rds with the orange follower great mags for the price. any way I wanted your opinion on the P Mag. Is it worth the extra 2-3 dollars to get the ones with the window over the regular P-mags? I mean its handy and cool that you can see how many rounds are in the mag and all but is it really worth it if you plan on accumulating several?
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    personal opinion: no. i can tell by weight if a mag is mostly full or mostly empty. im a habitual tester of mags to make sure they full. just a habit. so for me the window is just extra money.

    i got 9 pmags of regular construction rounds tend to pop out of the ones i have if i dont handle them gently. i use em for range use only. i went back to using my mil-surp aluminum mags for 5.56. they work great on my 458 socom so i pretty much keep the pmags loaded with that ammo.

    others will have different opinion im sure :)
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    I use PMags primarily but have an Mil-Spec I found that somehow made it into my duffle bags when I ETS'd. At one time I had an MRE box full of them. The PMags work flawlessly for me. I currently purchased some aluminum mags from DSG that have Magpul followers but havent got a chance to use them yet. As far as the window goes I prefer non windowed PMags. Its not worth the extra $ IMO.
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    PMAG is the only way to go. Won't crush should it get stomped on. Follower won't tilt on ya like G.I. mags. Been slowly switching all my G.I. mags. out for PMAGs. The window is fine. Unless you want to drop your mag. and feel how heavy it is to tell how many rounds are left. Or you can use the old trick of putting a tracer round in before the last 5 rounds to let ya know your ready for a mag.change.
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    I'm a big fan of the P-mags. They are true 30 round mags, in fact most will actually hold 31.
    Load 30 and there's no need to download to 28 like some other magazines require to avoid malfunctions, or to simplify seating a mag on a closed bolt
    Also like that you can stipple the surface of the p-mags to improve your grip with wet and muddy hands.

    I have mostly the windowless version. They have been absolutely reliable and they are a little cheaper.
    I bought a couple of the windowed ones just to give them a try, and they are just as reliable. The window which i didn't really think I needed actually comes in pretty handy when shooting a carbine match.
    A quick glance lets me know for sure if a mag is fully loaded with 30 or has had a round or two used before starting a stage.

    Also would be helpful if you have done some tac-reloads when it comes time for you to have to retrieve and sort through your partial mags.
    Not really "needed" but it is quick and convenient.
    I'm buying more of the windowed next time