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Hey what does everyone think about the p-64??
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The next lightest Wolff hammer spring helps the double action trigger pull responsibly -- I swore I was gonns break the trigger and rip my finger off stock! On the occasions I CCW it is my sidearm. Surprisngly accurate for it's size, potent (especially w/Buffalo Bore ammo - 9mm Makarov), well made and finished for a "military" gun (was the Polish Army sidearm which is insane) and comfy to carry. I would compare it to the Walther PPK.

The grips are mirror versions of each other. Makarovs often have thumb-rest types... This gun the Russians copied from the German Walther PP as well as its 9mm Makarov which they copie from the stolen 9mm Ultra.
Marschal is overseas. Reliable but they run on Eastern European people's time!
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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