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Hey what does everyone think about the p-64??
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Love my P64 Radom

Bought one from my local Ma & Pa gun shop 3 years ago. Lightened up the trigger pull to 18 lbs (Factory standard is around 25... yes, that is NOT a typo) and use it as my Spring & Summer carry conceal. Plinking ammo can be difficult to find... but Hornady does make a great critical defense round for it.
Pros; -Well built heavy gun. -Easy to strip and clean -Nice little load indicator pin around the rear right above the hammer -Safety easy and nice (right hand/thumb only) -If you get an extra magazine, you can have 12 rounds with you at all times.
Cons; -Earlier mentioned trigger pull weight. Even with a lighter spring it still can be disconcerning to a new user -Sights are so small they are useless -Heal (bottom) magazine release (really hate this one. I like a quick tactical mag change while keeping both my gun and eyes on the target as much as possible!!) -NO slide locking lever!! I have to hold open when I'm checking the gun is unloaded.
Over all though, I really like it. It's a great, inexpensive carry piece that packs more punch than any .308 about the same size and quality. BUT if you get one... practice, practice and practice some more to get good with it. Here is a sight w/ more info (and a custom grip manufacturer link);

Opps... They took the grips link off the above site. Nevermind that... here it is;
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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