Oz soldiers cleared of charges

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    Great news.

    Can only hope there is a similar positive outcome for the Commandos presently facing murder charges, considering the circumstances - being fired upon by an insurgent who was taking cover in a house where there were women & children, but of course the diggers could not have known that at the time when they returned fire.

    I read that the only reason the ADF was charging them was because if they didn't, the International Criminal Court would have done so under its war crimes section, so the ADF taking it on it was considered a placatory option, internationally. (The US 'unsigned' this treaty and so does not come under the jurisdiction of the ICC).

    Hard enough trying to do a very difficult job without having this possibility hanging over your head, I would have thought...

    Australian soldiers cleared over Afghan shooting


    Updated 40 minutes ago

    Australian soldiers who shot dead an armed Afghan man, who locals said was not an insurgent, have been cleared of any wrongdoing by a Defence Force investigation.

    Defence said an internal review found the soldiers had adhered to the rules of engagement during the August 23 reconnaissance mission when the incident occurred.

    Soldiers from the Special Operations Task Group were approached by a man carrying a machine gun in the Baluchi Valley at night.

    "The man was within 30 metres of the patrol when he was challenged to stop in the local Pashtu language," Defence said in a statement.

    "The man initially stopped in response to being challenged but then proceeded to take a further step forward.

    "He again took a further step forward but then raised his weapon at the members of the patrol. He was shot and killed."

    Defence said the next day a meeting was called after information was received that the man was not an insurgent but the son of a local elder.

    "Condolences were passed to the elder and these were accepted."

    The investigation found the soldiers responded lawfully to the situation they were confronted with and their actions were in line with their rules of engagement and a legitimate act of self defence.

    A review is also underway into another incident in the Baluchi Valley in which Afghans claim a local man was killed by small arms fire between soldiers and insurgents earlier this month.

    Australian soldiers cleared over Afghan shooting - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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    Good to hear. I don't get much Australian news.

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    Excellant news....They should never have been charged in the first place!!
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    Exactly my view dune. Dunno if your military hierarchy has been infected with the same kind of bureaucratic-pc-paranoia (I would assume probably yes), but this kind of thing is ridiculous. And as I said, can only make the grunts job on the ground harder if this possibility is in the back of their minds when split second decisions must be made.

    1) It's a goddam war zone.
    2)You get a weapon raised against you after warnings, what's going to happen?

    Surely that is pretty clear cut in ROI terms :rolleyes:
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    :eek: Didn't know the Aussies were still deployed. Good news, though.
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    He had an AK and was shot. The locals said he wasn't an insurgent. Who gives a rats hind end what they say? They can say he was freaking Santa Claus, but that does not mean a damn thing.
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    Strangely enough yes, and there's been recent suggestion by the Aust Govt that our forces could well be there for 10 years...reconstruction/hearts+minds emphasis. Although contending with the mire of favoured warlords and the corrupt stinking edifice which is The Karzai Family Operation, I don't know how successful it can ultimately be. The Obama Administration seems to be moving away from its stated 2011 'drawn-down' plans.

    Having just hosted your esteemed Sec of State in the AUSMIN talks, Australia will have even closer defence ties including allowing increased US access to our bases etc. The Greens went mental at this and complained that it was a dangerous move as China wouldn't like it...which made me lol
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    I saw Mr. Brown speaking up about this on the news, he looked as if he was about to have an aneurysm!! :p

    I've gotta say I was the same, it actually made me laugh...
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    And any day you can do that has to be a good one, huh :D