Own an Unregistered Firearm? You Must Be a Terrorist!

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Bigcountry02, Dec 21, 2009.

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    None of mine are registered. I don't fully understand your intent...oh wait. I get it now, you think all firearms should be registered......:eek:

  3. Ubergopher

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    Yeah, a military base requires people living on that base (presumably in the barracks) on the to register their firearms.

    That sounds pretty horrible to me.
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    People living on a military base owning their own firearms? Now to an aussie that sounds weird to start with lol
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    not only do they have to register their firearms...but they have to check them in at the armory and can;t keep them in their personal posession...and if you check out your firearm it has to be checked back in before midnight...unless you have permission from your command...like if you;re going home on leave or something...atleast that's what i've been told by others in the military....kindda sucks if it's true....i love my guns and i'd hate to give them up to anyone
  6. opaww

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    That is dependent upon the Post Commander, who sets policy where private gun possession goes. Here at Fort Knox the military members who live in post housing don't have to store them in a government armory and can keep them at home. But single member must store them in the base armory unless they live off post and have them at home.

    Last year there was a incident at another post where one of the member wrote into an editor of a gun magazine notifying them that the Army had gone anti gun because they had been ordered to register all private weapons whether kept off post or not and to turn in all private weapons for storage in the post armory. Even ones your father maybe keeping for you until you get out.

    When the editor contacted the post commander there about it he had no idea and actually looked into it, to find that it was a Female Major who was very anti-gun trying to set her own policy. She was quickly reprimanded and bluntly told that she could not set policy and that was done by the post commander and this post had no such rules.
  7. NGIB

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    Ditto what Opaww said. The post/base Commander sets local policy. Ft Stewart has a reasonable policy as you can have guns in your vehicle - primarily because there are ranges and hunting areas on post.

    Not sure I'd want guns in a barracks either as they are very rowdy places - I spent 20 years in the military and had my share of barracks life...
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    I don't like what the sign implies but opaww is right.