Own a Ruger SR9C or SR40C?

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    I'm a Ruger fan. Had several in .22 and a couple in 9mm. The SR9C came out and it just plain looked great. Trigger pull was fantastic. Other compact 9's felt like you were bending metal to pull the trigger. My wife hated two I brought home, Glock and Tauras. She loved the SR9c.
    Started having light strikes on the primer. A thorough cleaning seemed to make it worse. Changed ammo. Same results. These light strike rounds fired in my Beretta every time. Dealer said it was the ammo. Had the range owner fire it. Only 6 of 10 rounds fired. Took it back to dealer and demanded a new one.
    Problem solve~ for a year. It then started double tapping, then light strikes on the primer again. Here's how I discovered the culprit and the cure.
    The recoil assembly from Ruger are faulty. Part plastic, part steel. They get very sloppy and you'll see it begin to protrude at the muzzle. Mine was protruding 1/8" or more. I could push it back in with no effort. Check yours. A simple glance will be obvious.
    After reading several forums, I found out about Galloway Precision. They make a replacement recoil assembly for SR9C and SR40C. I ordered one - $40.00 plus shipping - received it in three days and it cured all my issues. It's all metal and utilizes thicker metal and is visually a better quality assembly. The come in different weights, I got the 16lb. Problem solved. Ruger needs to buy these from Galloway. They don't seem able, or willing to make them correctly. Galloway makes enough of these to make it a profitable line for them. Should tell Ruger something. It tell me a lot.
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    Just saw this. Good information thanks. I have an SR9c with about 5000 rounds through it. I have experienced some light primer strikes, but only with Winchester White Box 115 gr ammo. It fires all other ammo, including re-loads without problem. I will take a look at this, as it may be better to be proactive than wait for failures.

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    I've put several thousands of rounds through my SR9c since 2012...it eats any brand of ammo w/o an issue. Never had light strikes or fire failures, have never disassembled the stryker assembly for cleaning either. I am still using the original recoil spring/guide rod assembly; it's still tight; and doesn't protrude at the muzzle. Just wonder if this is a problem with newer SR9c's or just a fluke with yours. Regardless, why didn't you address the issue directly with Ruger? Their pistols are lifetime warranteed. I've had excellent CS from Ruger with both my SR22 (take down lever broken) and SR9c (trigger sticking). One week turn-around and fully repaired at no cost to me.
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    Just now seeing this post but felt I too should mention that my full size SR9 has the polymer guide rod for the recoil assembly and I have a couple thousand rounds through it without a problem. It's eats all varieties of ammo faithfully and I love it, won't mess with much until I see need...
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    I also have a sr9c that i bought used about 6 months ago and haven't had any issues with, at least as far as light strikes. After chambering a new mag sometimes I need to give it a little smack to get the slide fully into battery, but that maybe happens every other range trip, and after I've already put X amount of rounds through it. I've heard complaints/mentions of recoil assembly issues once before but that was pertaining to the poster saying it was too hard to rack the slide. I think I'll stick with my plastic guide rod until/if it becomes an issue, then order a new one. I do think the steel would look better with the steel slide, but I'm not too worried about it now
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    I had the pleasure yesterday at a local gun shop to see and hold one of the Ruger American SR45 Pistols. Not always a fan of Ruger's but I must be honest! I do not know exactly what grip of the three they come with was on it. But I am hear to tell you it is one of the finest feeling pistols I have ever held. I believe if I was in the market for a new pistol it certainly would be on the top of my list to buy and evaluate. The balance was exceptional as well. Tigger was fine as well as accessory pica- tinny rail for mounting a light or laser.

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    Just recently retired my Ruger SR40C (to back up) had it for about 4 years and carried it regularly for 2 1/2. Only issue i have is their capture spring is very tight and my wife could not rack the slide. She could on the Glock 26 so we switched to Glock 9s (G17 and G19)