Owls , Hawks and other big trouble birds

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    I have often wondered where the stuffed owls , hawks , eagles and other protected animals come from if they are .. indeed protected ?

    My aunt is sorta a self taught home brew taxidermist and has in the past found dead owls and hawks that were either hit by cars or have moved on from this world . Is it legal to get one stuffed if it died a natural death or hit by a car ?
    I would have to assume if there is no bullet wound or the like then what would be the big deal ?

    Do taxidermist have the big man breathing down their necks 24/7 also ?
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    zoos sometimes have dead animals taxidermy and sold in auctions to fund zoo activities or charities. some states have laws forbidding the possession of roadkill or just dead found animals. some dont care.

    check with your fish and game people in your state on regulations concerning such.

    generally its illegal because they dont want a rash of accidental animal deaths for profit if you know what i mean.

    some states sell such animals to reputable taxidermists just depends

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    EVERYONE has the out-of-control government on their backs these days my friend.

    You can't even take a dump in a toilet that isnt federally regulated on some level.
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    I believe it is a federal law that prohibits even having a feather from a raptor in your possession. Of course there are exceptions for - Native Americans, State agencies, federal agencies, zoos, museums, etc. Also any that are older than the date of the law(1970's I think). I don't believe they actively look for law breakers on this issue but if they happen upon a violator it is to bad for you.
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    I had the feds checking my TP just last week....
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    A few years ago while we were out hunting my dad found a feather and thought it looked cool so he stuck it in the back of his hat. It was just an owl feather. The game warden just happened to come by to check our licenses. He said he my dad could be arrested on a felony for even having that feather on him.
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    Years ago I did quite a bit of taxidermy and had a license in Illinois when I lived there. I mainly did game birds, ducks, pheasants and geese along with deer for friends.
    Well, one day I get a phone call from a guy wanting a pheasant mounted. I told him to bring it over and I would take a look at it.
    Well, during conversation he tells me he has this hawk he also shot and would I mount it for him as he always wanted a hawk mount.

    To make a long story short, I declined telling him it was illegal to possess or mount the hawk.

    Well, 2 months later he comes to get the pheasant mount and pays me with a check from the Illinois Department of Conservation Police Dept., for the pheasant and ONLY THEN tells me he is an undercover CPO for Illinois. Needless to say I was really pissed and told him to get out now, and he did. Took the pheasant and left.

    By the way, the check did not bounce either, LOL.

    Lastcast,Ranger Recon, Class of 67.
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    Was it in line with the latest presidential directive? -