Over-Under or Side By Side

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    What are your thoughts on what you prefer.

    I got kind of mad at my gun shop guys a while back because they said that an Over Under is better for bird hunting as such...but lost of old timers tell me otherwise....but I Realized he was just trying to sell the most expensive gun....hey they are salesmen you know.

    What are your thoughts? I know over unders are good skeet guns.
  2. Virginian

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    Okay, you asked. I think 95+% of O/Us look incredibly clunky. I can't shoot one in anything over 28 gauge. My left eye sees that huge mass out there and my brain thinks its a 4 gauge and cringes at the thought of pulling the trigger. To open one in a blind you need an extra foot of open space.
    A good side by side looks like a beautiful work of art, and handles like a dream. With the right set up they work equally well for anything. Anyone who can't sight with one should not even be driving a car.
    But, sometime after WWII as the greatest generation started making more money, and the baby boomers were at the impressionable stage, and the gun sages started selling the O/U concept, "single sighting plane", and all that rot, and also began talking down about repeaters, and your average anxious to be well thought of and upwardly mobile Amercan shotgunner jumped on the bandwagon with both feet.
    You caught the absolute main point of the whole deal. Salesmanship.

    Seriously, as long as we are talking decent quality firearms, I don't think there is 1/10 of 1% as much difference attributable to the guns as there is to the shooter behind it. You can get any of the jobs done, with the exception of long range slug work, with any of the different styles. But, that doesn't sell guns either, and that's what the companies and the writers are out to do to stay in business.

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    O/U vs SxS

    This topic is up there with 357 vs 45 as a no-right-answer topic...

    If you are into clays shooting, they have to have a separate tournament for the SxS guys -- they are just not competitive with the O/U shooters.

    Now, if you take a typical SxS and (1) lengthen the barrel to 30"+, (2) bring the weight up to 8 lbs+, (3) move out the length of pull to 14.5"+ -- then maybe they could turn in scores = to the O/U shooters. But then you no longer have a classic SxS -- shorter, faster and maybe more fun to shoot and carry in the field.

    As to good quality at "reasonable" cost, a Browning Citori ("traditional") or Cynergy ("modern") are $2-3k for O/U. Ruger has quality guns in both O/U and SxS and for a bit lower price. If you shoot clays watch out for the automatic safety on field guns (almost all makes of SxS) -- it is easy to forget to take off the safety each time when shooting clays.
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    OU are great guns and are there for a reason.

    For shooting clays you can't beat an OU.

    For upland bird hunting where the action is very quick a good SXS is going to outshoot just about anything out there.

    I know when I got my Rem 1100 (Or Rem 550 because they only work half the time) I started rushing shots because I knew I had a very fast follow up shot. My shooting got worse.

    I think if you are hunting some birds a OU is better and for clays. If you are hunting dove or something like that a SXS will out do a big OU anyday.