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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by grandpubba, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. grandpubba

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    Little over a month ago I bought a couple 1911`s
    A colt 1911 chambered in 9mm and a
    Kimber ultra pro in .45

    Sorry no pictures of targets, while they both hit targets well it was more"fun" shooting then anything.

    The kimber was amazing, shots were accurate, trigger was/is a bit heavy, probably do a trigger job, it didn't feel smooth really, got better the more I fitted it but I expected better.

    The only real negative I have about this gun, the sights they were black on black while I'm not as old as some my eye sight it's not the best with out glasses, it was tough to pick up the sights on the black target.

    Overall loved the gun will change out sights and trigger, it has already replaced my S&W .40 as eod.

    Now for the colt.....

    It's a colt right! Sadly there was problems.
    I was not raised around guns but feel the people who helped teach me did a good job, one said treat the gun"mean" don't be gentle basically.

    Get the gun loaded for the GF as it's likely going to be her carry gun, anyways loaded up she shoots a few times, bam FTE, ok it happens fix it, next mag bam happens again. Again I fix it, well damage was done GF says she doesn't want it.

    So I load the mags up again, rack it and it shoots great!! About 300 rounds though the gun and I love it more each round.

    Other the the FTE I loved this gun, sights, trigger you name it, it was beautiful, come to find out the GF was a bit scared so she was lightly pulling the trigger which from what I know can't cause a FTE but I don't think she let go of the trigger one pulled, I wad told that that could cause the FTE either way, I roughed her up a bit and she did what was asked.
  2. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    I wonder if your GF was limp wristing it a little bit.

    I wanted to see TARGETS!!

  3. John_Deer

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    Most women don't know that your off hand should be holding about 70% of the weight of the pistol. That way all your dominant hand has to do is pull the trigger.
  4. armsmaster270

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    My wife loves my 1918 model 1911 and at 15 yards will not get out of the 9 ring on a B-27 target.

  5. dlh2689

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    I've seen this happen quite a bit with women shooting 1911's. My buddy's GF even does this with his .40 S&W. Every time she tries to shoot it there's an FTE.

    HOSSFLY New Member

    That my friend is a bit of a --well--- overstatement :confused:
    Bet it came from the internet :)
  7. texasman55

    texasman55 New Member

    I must agree with hoss, I haven't ever heard of the off hand supporting the brunt of the weight, or any discernible amount to be honest... I would be open to knowing where this info comes from though, not saying you're completely off the mark, just maybe something is lost in translation...
  8. JW357

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    I wonder how that principle would work with a typical "thumbs forward" hold, such as I use when target shooting?

  9. JW357

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    Mr. Grandpubba, for crying to loud I need at least pictures of the guns!

    No but really, my bet is also limp wristing on the GF's part.