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  1. bizy

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    What would you do to secure your yard? Exploding Booby traps might kill a good guy so explosives are out. What can be done to catch or scare off the bad guys?
  2. jayguy

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    Make your yard into a target range and shoot every weekend and get some rottweilers.
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  3. JonM

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    dig a big ring around your house and fill it with half starved bears. or sharks with lasers on their heads.

    but seriously several trained guard dogs works well. it is common to pair a large dog with a yap dog. the small yap dog wakes the big one up and you up.

    any physical obstacle or barrier only serves to slow intruders down. obstacles dont prevent advance of the enemy they just slow it. its just as true in defending the home as it is in conduct of war.
  4. NitroxAZ

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    Short of this, my plan are my dogs.
  5. bkt

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    Get a dog. A big dog. A big dog that barks at intruders and causes them to fill their pants when it snarls. Get a big German Shepherd.
  6. dog2000tj

    dog2000tj New Member

    You could always ring your property with tire spikes :cool:
  7. OzarkRecluse

    OzarkRecluse New Member

    We have 10 dogs (no kids so we became dog people) that take our security very seriously. Not even the UPS man can get out of his truck unless we say it's ok. They're our early warning system for visitors as well as personal bodyguards. We have lots of copperheads and a few rattlesnakes on our property. I killed 4 copperheads on our front porch last summer. The dogs get the ones I don't see. Our blue heeler killed a rattlesnake about 10 feet from my wife 2 years ago. She got treated real well that night.
  8. opaww

    opaww New Member

    Only passive outside security, A dog or 2, maybe some motion detectors outside, outdoors video cameras ect. I don't want to give osamaobama any idea that I may have something worth security. He would just pass a bill confiscating what I had if he suspected.
  9. TrueNorth

    TrueNorth New Member

    It can depend on the situation.

    In everyday situation I want something that:

    marks my territory clearly,
    deters passive intruders,
    slows or deters dedicated intruders,
    gives me warning of intruders.

    I'd also want it to be easily maintained and defended.

    So, the obvious choice for me is a good perimeter fence, with sliding gate. Could be in the form of chain-link, thick brush, or stone/concrete and wrought-iron.

    - While some may say that a fence is low-tech, requires someone to man it, and at best only slows enemies, I find it to be a good legal deterrent. And since any defense can be overcome all any defense can do is slow intruders down.

    A strong fence will keep out passive intruders who look for the easiest of targets, because the fence itself is an obstacle anddepending on height and construction it may also keep out moderately determined intruders because it may require planning to overcome it

    It also marks your territory clearly, so there are no "accidental" intrusions, which may help in dealing with L.E. after any altercations aswell. (No one can say they didn't know they shouldn't have been there when they climbed over a 7ft fence with barbed wire and a "do not trespass" sign!) :)

    Its low-tech, so its pretty easy to maintain. That's a big one for me, KISS, right?

    If you want to go complex: security lights, cameras, bells can be added to make a fence more effective as a warning device. All those fancy doodads are hard to maintain and could fail in a power-outage or SHTF.

    I also feel that the "extras" give a false sense of security, because its easy to rely on the system to tell you tat everythings fine, instead of being vigilant.

    A strong fence with a gate, maybe a dog for warning and extra deterrence, and a vigilant guy with a gun in the house watching... those are the best perimeter defenses.
  10. Seven

    Seven New Member

    Kiss. Exactly.

    And I'd like to point out another "kiss" thought.
    Don't look like a target!

    Do you have three $40k vehicles sitting in your front drive?
    Pull them around back.

    Can every person that drives by your house see the 500" tv in your living room through the picture window?
    Close the blinds.

    Got a $1200 grill sitting on your front deck?
    Move it.

    Common sense. Use it.
    I could ride around my town right now and pick out a bazillion homes I'd target if I were a crook.

    "The most important weapon you have is your brain."
  11. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    Great suggestions. Whenever I get something new that might have any value such as a TV, computer, etc., I always make it a point to not throw the box away with the trash pickup at the curb so everyone can see I got something new. Our local high school has large recycle dumpsters and the packaging for anything expensive I buy gets tossed in the high school recycle dumpsters.
  12. Theunsb

    Theunsb New Member

    Please keep on posting ideas I have learned some new ones and really appreciate it.
    My own country is crime ridden and you have to be at all times aware of who or what around you can pose or hide danger to you or your family and property.

    Outside sensor activated floodlights warn us of trespassers. However we cannot really stop people once trespassed since they pose no immediate danger to us. Even if they steal your from car behind locked gates whilst you look on.

    My main security is two jack russels sleeping in the house at night and when they bark to immediately treat is as possible danger. Even if an intruder is in your house you cannot shoot unless he poses immediate possible harm or might kill you or yours if you do not act.
  13. Scratchammo

    Scratchammo New Member

    As an evil kid I took twigs & a pencil sharpener, sharpened both ends of several twigs, colored them green, & placed them in strategic spots in the yard. The rival kids were never fond of shoes. I told my buddies where the "spikes" were. The fourth graders would chase us on foot through our yard so they were ****** up when an altercation escalated. I'm sure most adults wear shoes so twigs would be less desirable but steel spikes might help. IMO the most important part of creating obstacles & traps is ensuring your partners know where they are. If that fails a sexual predator sign might help :D
  14. Scratchammo

    Scratchammo New Member

    I'd suggest a hidden switch under your steering wheel. A buddy of mine has electronic notification for his BMW. Instead of calling the cops he walked outside with the bottom half of a pool stick & wrecked that scumbag.
  15. TrapperJohn

    TrapperJohn New Member

    Dogs are great!!!! I love being around them but my wife does not like animals. So having a guard dog is out.

    I have invested in day/night vision cameras. You can get them at a reasonable price and hook them up to a TV. Or if you have the room and the money put in a security room with recording devices that can monitor the area while you are gone. After all most criminals usually check your place out well in advance before committing a crime.

    A safe room is a good idea. I like the bathroom. I am going to reinforce my bathroom walls and door and add a small hidden wall safe to hold a shotgun and maybe an AR. If you are on the second floor add rope or rope ladder so you can escape if needed.

    If I was in the a rural location and it's the end of the world scenario. I would go all out V.C. and I mean punji sticks covered with feces and all sorts of nasty and deadly traps.
  16. bizy

    bizy New Member

    You Guys/Gals are the greatest!

    There is no way any force can win a war when the enemy is fighting a gorilla war. Americans are a breed of survivors that will fight to protect their family and country. I have learned so much about gorilla warfare on this forum. Simple ways to defend our home and family. It gives me much comfort in knowing people like you number in the 100s of 1000s all across America..

    This forum "ROCKS"!!
  17. oldshooter

    oldshooter New Member

    I learned an awful lot about booby traps a long time ago. If needed, I can still ruin a fellows day.
  18. Vikingdad

    Vikingdad New Member

    And I thought California was bad! I have had several cops tell me that I should make sure that all intruders are dead and armed with a gun that has been fired before the cops show up. That way the dead guys can't tell the cops that they were just begging for table scraps when you shot them. I'm just sayin'.
  19. Vikingdad

    Vikingdad New Member

    I also have wanted to install a stainless steel sign at my gate (which is clearly visible from the house) that says "If You Can Read This, YOU ARE IN RANGE!!!" and have a target that has been shot several times in the bullseye from the back, as though shot from the house. Does that make sense? Maybe I should just make the sign and take a pic.
  20. PerpetualStudent

    PerpetualStudent New Member

    LOL. Vikingdad, have you gotten the sign made yet?

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