Outfitting an AR/CAR-15 or other rifle

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by opaww, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. opaww

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    I have read a lot of pros and con’s about outfitting an AR/CAR-15 with deferent optic, lights, a stereo, and even beer taps. Seeing some people’s rigs and what they put on them make me wander if they can really hit their target?

    A small test that everyone should take is this; put on the weapon what you want or dream of having and sit for one hour at the kneeling ready position with weapon up to the shoulder. If you can handle the weight after an hour then all is good and well. If you find it a little heavy take something off rest a bit then try it again.

    I would think that a person would be apt with the weapon without all the gadgets before they start making it look like a Christmas tree. Being one who has used an M-16 ever sense Feb. 1970, I learned to shoot it with just iron sites and actually can hit my target up to and including 500 yards.

    I also understand the need for a little help with sights when one gets older and has done too much of that what their mommy told them not to do or they would go blind. I just did it until I needed glasses, but my eyesight has gone somewhat down hill over the years so something like a Red Dot helps a lot. That is all I put on my SKS and the same for an AR/CAR-15 once I get one again.

    As with everything I tend to use the Acronym, (KISS) no not the band but rather, Keep It Simple Stupid. If you cannot hit a target at 500 yards without the gadgets, then you probably won’t hit it with them either. All the gadgets in the world do not a better-shot make.

  2. AR762

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    I like to keep my AR's stock. I'm just not into the gadgets of the week.

    I agree with you, I don't want any extra weight on my rifle. As you have stated, and I also agree with, a red dot is very usefull. I also do like a light on them, it's nice to identify your target.

    Not that I use it but, I do have a Harrison Bipod adapter attached to the stock Handguards of all my AR's. Just in case I want to add a Bipod at some point for hunting.

    At the moment, I still use the factory A3 removeable carry handle, as my sights. I'm only 40 yrs old, and I still like the iron sights.:D

  3. opaww

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    Cool, I do use a Bipod on mine in case I do need it but that is about all I put on it.
  4. M14sRock

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    I'm with you Opaww.

    My CAR has a vertical fore grip. Nothing else.
    My M4 has an Aimpoint Comp ML3 with magnifier both in LaRue QR mounts, and vert fore grip. It also has a 10x42 Super Sniper in a LaRue mount because it is a surprisingly good shooter.

    Each of them have a single rail section on the bottom of the hand guard.

    I have a couple of other CAR's squirrelled away in another state and they are bone stock.
  5. Ebee

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    I am a big fan of (KISS) also, not the band. I think sometimes people tend to go a bit overboard with accessories, they can be fun to play around with but i would also learn to use the iron sights just in case.
  6. matt g

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    The AR platform lends itself to reflex and 1x sights. Other than that, extras are just dead weight.

    Like Opaww I learned to shoot with iron sights and could make kill shots out to 500 yards. Sadly the military these days has gone to reflex and 1x sights almost exclusively. I wouldn't be surprised is they qualified with these gadgets.

    When I was in the Army, at least with the 82nd, your weapons quals could make or break a promotion, especially in the NCO ranks.

    Because of this, every soldier strove to be Expert qualified with all weapons they could get their hands on. Even though I could never get the hang of the AR's goofy sights, I was still able to pull Expert on both the M16 and M4 with nothing more than the iron sights and Kentucky windage.
  7. robocop10mm

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    My Colt Carbine is my patrol rifle. If I need to get it out of the trunk the $hit has probably already hit the fan and I am there to do some clean up. WTD I have a C-More Scout sight, Boonie Packer Ready Mag (so I do not have to worry about grabbing a spare mag, the rifle already has two 30 rounders), Trijicon night sites front and rear (they were free, free is good) and a 6 volt light. I am very proficient with this little package. I have over 3,000 rounds down range with it.

    When people ask me what accessories they should get, I tell them "Ammo". Once you have 1000 rounds down range, you will have a better idea what accessories you "need". Anything you add to an AR that has less than 1k through it is just an impulse buy.
  8. RL357Mag

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    I can guarantee you that you wouldn't be able to do this with either one of my AR's for even 15 minutes! And they have nothing on them except scopes. My RRA in .223 weighs 9.7lbs empty, without the scope, and my DPMS in .308 weighs 10.3 lbs.empty, without the scope.:eek: