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    guess iam a little slow, son and i were in the wepons locker last night and he picked up one of are m97 savages in 12 ga and asked what happens if somthing breaks on this? it took a while to sink in but i just handed him a a midway wish book, where can i get parts for a dam near 100 year old shotgun, they both are in great shape but that dont count with the laws of murphy, tose in the newst shot gun we have is a old savage that looks like a browning a5, could you all recomend a couple relacments or back ups i pulled up a few on the web and was shocked a 12 ga plain jane 500 pump go,s for over 350.00$ i gave a old m/sgt a 50 dollar bill and a quart of jack in the black fore on of those savages i sort of borrowed the other one

    semper fi
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    You've hit a good one with the Mossberg 500. I'd also suggest a Winchester 1300. Both are reliable and found readily, cheap.