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  1. dango

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    After my neighbor shot my shorts off earlier today , I was out in my shop and rummaging around and man , :) , I have some really kool toys !:)
    I've got three tents , used to have four but gave one to my son.!
    My most favorite one,s got to be my "North Face" Mountain 25..! It's a two man geodesic designed dome , rated extreme 4 season usage , tempered light weight Easton aluminum poles five of them exactly and it is one srsly tuff as nails shelter.!
    Also got a Eureka 4 man "Timber-line and a Eureka "Apex" .!
    Got four sleeping bags any wear from -40 to +40 to anything above.! Even got
    an Adam -n- Eve two person rated to zero for me and the wife , Yeap . I've had her out in the snow for 8 days once , no complaints ,<--:confused:.!

    Got five stoves MSR Whisper Light and a multi fuel "Draggon Fly".!
    Three Coleman,s , Three burner deluxe , two burner and a single burner .!

    An array of lanterns , Big daddy multi-fuel , Peak 1 pack-packable , three propane , and various spring loaded candle lamps , three candles through one candle seven of them to be exact a handful of packs.
    The "YAK-PACK" , my all time fav. .!
    So much kool stuff.! Novelties , creature comforts , and all sorts of things for navigation , weather , optics , on and on..! I friggen love it.! :)
    A life time of collecting stuff , I've even still got some gizmos from 1970-79!
    Another fav. is my THOMMEN CLASSIC Altimeter , Barometer , Swiss made , 18 jewels
    like a fine watch and , no batteries , Analog.! Back when I bought this , 1974 , I payed $88 + the leather carry , $110 , now it's like $300 , EeeK.!
    Can't wait till I heal a little more , I'm gone somewhere.
    I.....LOVE......THIS.....STUFF..! :D
    OK then , what kind of gear do ya have , anything , RV,s to a simple tarp -n- camp fire..! Love it..!:)
    Give me a C..."C"
    Give me a A..."A"
    Give me a M..."M"
    GIVE me a P..."P"
    an I.............."I"
    A N.............."N"
    A G.............."G"
    What's that spell..? What,s that spell..?
    Auh , Emmm..? Hmmm.?........? :confused: I'm Polish..EeeeK , You know , dang it..! :confused: :)
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  2. eatmydust

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    Hey, Welcome back, man! A lil' hyatus can be a good thing. Sub-species said she was gone shoot yer drawers off, 'n it sounds like she did.

    Anyways, I've got 2 tents, 2 older Northface bags that zip together if nec., a couple stoves; a Coleman 2 burner gas, 2 packable, several tarps and day packs, several lanterns with diff. energy sources. At this point I don't have a reasonable backpack for a severalday/week outing. An array of small/lightweight camping tools and everyman's best resource, a great wife!

  3. boatme98

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    I miss backpacking. I used to do three season camping (no summer-too many people, bugs, and humidity) in the Va./N.C. mountains.
  4. towboater

    towboater Active Member

    Didja done forget ya had that stuff. I've done that before. I'm still finding Christmas presants from 1982. :eek:
    I Lost the keys to my cheap gun safe, that I keep my cheap guns in. After bout a year, I say the heck with it, and cut it open. Then find the dern keys the next day.
  5. winds-of-change

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    My idea of really, really roughing it is a pop up camper parked really close to the bathrooms that have hot running water and flushing toilets.

    I'll spend all day outside but when I go to sleep, I want to be warm and comfortable..............and not have to dig a hole to go to the bathroom.
  6. racer_x

    racer_x New Member

    Lol Im like you winds.
    I use a pop up with heat an air camp at the lake hot water an showers lol
    Ill ruff it in nice weather but im not gana frezze or sweat all night i cant sleep in the heat never have been able too, hard enough to sleep as it is
    I take sleeping pills every night just to sleep. Been on them over 10 yrs now started when my first wife got sick.
  7. dango

    dango Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    Nothing wrong with pop-ups , I've looked at them for the sake of my wife and I on long road trips.To and from the main events ..! They're impressive , a lot of stuff , comforts of all kinds .
    A good firend and I were talkin about Cal. and Yosemite , Kings Canyon and Sequoya National . From here in Pa. It'd be a three day drive to get there and a pop-up would be real handy.!
    El Capita-n , Half dome and the famous Yosemite Falls..! Back in the seventies I was there and yeap , I did a lot of climbing..!
  8. racer_x

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    The red woods are very impresive, was there once as a kid.
    My pop-ups pretty basic 2 big beds the pull outs , table to sit an eat little sink, stove put on the outside propane. i love it works perfect for us.
  9. dango

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    Yeap , the oldest and largest living things on the planet , Gen. Sherman and the Gen. Lee , both Sequoya s..!;)
  10. racer_x

    racer_x New Member

    That tunnel 2 lane road through the tree i was amazed. Ive always wanted to go back