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    Thought some of you might be interested in this stuff..(especially with the links to the island when the ENGLISH were at war with America and you were friends with the Frence (I'm a Scot) This is our Historic Range and some of what we shoot(got more pics but would only let me post five) We are one of the last places in the UK where legal ownership of handguns exists. There are thousands registered (mostly never shot) but a few hundred of us still shoot as and when we want. The range caters for up to 600yards for the riflemen IMG_1412.jpg




    IMG_1418.jpg down to 25yards and less for handgunners. We shoot everying from Flintlock Black Powder to the latest Polyplastic Pistols (ugh!!) (I'm old school) The island is surrounded in fortifications from, the Castle by the town harbour (1066ish) through the Napoleonic wars, to hundreds of concrete bunkers and gun position built by the Germans during their occupation in WW11 (most still here and many re-commisioned for the tourists and Military Historic Groups) (I've put a couple of Web Site addresses below for anybody into that sort of history/WW11 stuff) Looking on your forum ammunition here cost pretty much the same except for .22 which believe it or not is $15-$20 a hundred!! New handguns costs are similar but used/private sales are dirt cheap (Got a S&W 66-2, two quality leather holsters, 2 h&K speedloaders and a bunch of cleaning stuff for $150 recently which is not an unusual price!!) (Sorry Chaps can't export anymore!! except to the UK where they are illegal -Catch 22)Anyhow ... really enjoying the forum and picking up lots from the wide experience and knowledge of your members...Good shooting

    German Occupation Society (Guernsey)
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    Great post macduff! I hadn't realized anyone in the UK still had the right to own a handgun. Really glad to see the madness hasn't spread to your area.

    I'll bet your Luger would still fetch a pretty penny even over there!:) Very nice collection of weapons! Thanks again, Ken

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    I, too, was unaware that handguns were legal there.

    Is it a process to acquire them?
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    Thanks for the information and the photos. Very interesting stuff. :cool:
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    Nice pictures! It would be really a neat experience to see that, especially if the authorities would allow a black powder shot from one of the musket posts. :)
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    Thank you for kind words on the post. here are a couple more pics and answers to questions.. Yep here, and neighbouring island (Jersey-that's where New Jersey gets its name from) and a couple more places can still keep handguns...Just gotta get a 'Firearms Certificate' from the local Police who will issue after they do a check on you and where you store your guns whilst not in use (gotta be in a double locked steel gun safe). Only nuisance thing is you must buy and use your ammunition at the range rather than have a stockpile at home..People with a serious criminal record or record of mental or violence need not apply. We don't seem to have the same worry of 'home invasion' over here so no great problem with the rules (but we can legally have a house full of shotguns and up to a 1000 shells at home so that's covered in any case--same checks are carried out by police to get shotgun certificate) ALL weapons are registered with the police who must be informed before any 'transfers' are approved. All sounds a bit 'official' but the system works way better than it sounds..My last transfer (model 66) was applied for and 36hours later I had the paper work done and approved and picked up the gun.
    The Luger in the photos does NOT belong to me-sorry if I gave that impression- but everyone at our range ' IMG_1414.jpg




    IMG_1421.jpg meets' are more than happy to let others shoot whatever they bring..Lots of rare guns appear over the year and I'll post pics of what I think might interest members...Regards..
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    36 hours? Still quicker than California :rolleyes:

    Those are some nice pics, what a great place to shoot!