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    Tell Congress: We Will Remember In November!

    Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
    8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
    Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408
    Gun Owners of America
    Friday, March 19, 2010

    It may be that by the time Monday rolls around, the House of Representatives will have voted on the anti-gun ObamaCare bill.

    By now, your Representatives have heard all the reasons why gun owners oppose the bill.

    If there are any Representatives who are still wavering, it won't be more facts and figures that will sway them. No additional information will convince them... except for one.

    It's the answer to this question: "What does November have in store for my reelection bid?"

    Please make one last communication with your Congressman. A lot will be riding on this vote!

    ACTION: Please make one last contact to your Representative, urging him to vote NO on ObamaCare. Ask your wife, your relatives, your neighbors, your church -- everyone, short of your dog -- to do the same.


    Phone: toll-free at 877-762-8762; or call the regular number at 202-225-3121.

    Email: Visit the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center at Gun Owners Legislative Action Center to send a pre-written message to your Representative.

    ----- Pre-written letter / talking points -----

    Dear Representative:

    The ObamaCare bill is full of fraud, corruption, bribes... and language that will negatively impact upon gun owners' rights.

    So I just want you to know that I strongly OPPOSE this legislation, and I will be carefully watching how you vote.

    Please be assured that I will definitely remember in November!


    Please do something!
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    Cane, my dad and i were talking about the healthcare bill and neither of us can remember a time when the American people were this pissed off. I'm praying it doesn't pass but I'm scared that it might.
    I urge everyone to make their voice heard loud and clear. If your reps vote for this POS, let them know they WILL be voted out of office.

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    I think they'll get it passed Sunday by hook or by crook. I then expect reams of lawsuits will be filed and the recently insulted Supreme Court will be center stage - much like the "hanging chad" crap.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg and the battle lines are being drawn as we speak...
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    Done. But as a citizen of the "New Democratic Stronghold" I'm pretty sure it falls on deaf ears. Will this be the straw that breaks the camels back, the spark that ignites the powder keg?
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    We shall see brother, we shall see.
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    Now that it has been passed, it will remain to be seen if voters remember in November and in succeeding elections. It's not enough to be upset now, but to keep the situation in the public eye and continue to remind people of the individuals responsible for passing this farce of a bill. I would like to see a repeat of the 94 elections after the AWB was passed and the Democrats lost a lot of seats. I'm also hoping that my fellow voters in Nevada will agree with me, and others, that Reid is an embarrassment to Nevada and he's nothing more than a shill for the Idiot-in-Chief and the rest of his socialist minions.
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    I do not blame obama and the rest of the liberal/commies for this healthcare legislation that got passed which is just a obvious ploy to gain more power. You see people when the democrats gained power they acted like what they are liberal/commies. When president bush and got elected and the house and senate held a republican majority for six straight years they did not act like conservative/republicans. They ran up the deficit, did nothing about illegal immigration,and now look what happened. Bottom line folks if the republicans had acted like conservatives in the first place this bill would never had passed.
    This whole act by the republicans to act tough on the house and senate floor and make talking points on fox news is nothing but a dog and pony show by our elected representitives. In the end this is our fault as a nation and not holding our elective officials responsible for their actions. Mandated health care wtf People? States should be threatening to leave the union over this.
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    The states don't have to leave the Union. There is a thing called a Constitutional Convention where the States can convene delegates and pass an Amendment that would specifically limit the Federal govt. It has never been done, but is absolutely legal and prescribed by the Constitution. Amendments passed by State Convention cannot be rescinded by Congress, the President or even the Supreme Court.
    It requires a 3/4's majority of the states to pass an Amendment this way, but there are already that number of states considering, or that actually have passed, legislation voiding federal health care and firearms laws.
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    How are the delegates chosen for this convention?