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    What guns do you own? List them here. (I've seen in other forums you can show what guns you own in the mini profile next to each post)

    I have a Remington 597 Magnum and a few little pieces.
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    This could get long. I've been collecting for Many years.
    I'll post a few!
    This represents a cross section. Hunting(top) Savage 110 7mm Rem Mag(it now wears a Weaver V10 scope), Military(Middle) 1942 No4Mk1/3(/3 is for 1952 trigger up-grade),
    Target, long range hunting(100 to 700 Meters)(Bottom) Howa 1500 .308 HB, scope has changed to a Sightron 3x12 44mm, 1 ragged hole at 100 meters, 2" group at 400, hits the 4' gong consistently at 700 meters.

    I love Swedish rifles also! These are a few. 1943 Swede Small ring Mauser in 9.3x57


    1906 CG M96 6.5x55 w/ 1907 sling, great up to 400 Meters.


    And who doesn't have a 1911? Wilson Combat Commander circa 1970's w/ Hogue grips.


    It's "Gun Porn"!!
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    I have over 31 rifles and 4 hand guns...and no I will not list them...it just best that way...some you can see in my avatar..