Otis O12 cleaners

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  1. dirk8504

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    Otis O12 cleaners works great on all of your guns. With special blends for every job. They have Shotgun blend for cleaning all shotguns, Copper cleaner for all your rifles, carbon cleaner for your muzzleloaders and assault rifles and also a general purpose blend for any gun that the rest didn't cover. These Otis gun cleaners clean work better than any other brand I have used before. I used to like using M-Pro 7 but not any more after using the Otis O12 system. Thanks Otis for making a great product that cleans and protects our valuable guns. What are your opinions on gun cleaners and have you tried the Otis O12 gun cleaners yet?
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    I have started using the mpro-7 from wm as a finishing lube and normally just use rem oil spray to clean it till its not pulling powder off out of the barrel. Then apply the mpro for the final touch to all contact points and the bore.