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    I currently am a college student and due to both my age (20) and the fact that carrying a firearm on campus is not permitted I find myself in search of alternate methods of self-defense. I live walking distance from campus, about a mile from my furthest class and I often find myself walking back alone in the dark from my evening classes which leaves me feeling quite vulnerable at times.

    Possible pertinent information*

    I'm not a big guy, I'm about 5'8'' and 177 lbs. I don't have a whole lot of upper body strength due to injuring my right shoulder 3 times in one year during my junior year of HS, it left me pretty unable to work out those muscles for quite a while and I'm still building them back four years later. I have no martial arts or self defense training, but I'm not opposed to learning some basic techniques to end a confrontation quickly and make a run for it.

    I already try not to make myself an appealing target, I don't wear expensive clothes and I don't flash around any expensive stuff but it doesn't take a genius to know that as a college student there is probably an expensive laptop in my backpack and damn near every kid on campus has an iPod and a cell phone. When I'm walking alone I keep my head up, I look around and generally maintain a high level of situational awareness. I also generally wear steel toed boots, if I kick you- its gonna hurt.

    But my actual question is this, what could I carry that would be useful in a small street-side skirmish? Obviously I have no concealed carry license so non-firearm items that would fall into the category of a concealed weapon are out.

    I'm not trying to do anything but effect an escape and call 911. Something easy to deploy and easy to carry, simple is good.

    Some things I have been considering
    -Personal TASER (leave them flopping like a dead fish, then run like hell and call 911

    -OC spray or possibly the Kimber pepper blaster (blind them and make their eyes hurt, then run like hell and call 911)

    -Self Defense flashlight like the Surefire e2D Defense (Blind them with 200 lumens and then whack them with the aluminum beveled edges, then run like hell and call 911)

    I'm not in any way considering a bladed weapon, I carry a swiss army knife with me all the time and it is a TOOL, not a weapon. What are the up and downsides to the items that I mentioned? Any other suggestions?

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    I say carry a walking stick of some sort, and learn how to handle it. Anything else could be considered carrying a weapon with malice aforethought. This being said, I am not a lawyer and do not play one on the radio. Discretely checking out laws in your jurisdiction is always the way to go.
    Standard warning: Anyone who asks any sort of legal advice on the internet deserves to live with the consequences of whatever bullsh!t advice he chooses to heed.
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  3. Timothy_90

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    The walking stick is an interesting suggestion, but being a 20 year old college student it may draw attention to me, it looks sort of out of place. I feel like it might also make me a target, the guy carrying a cane looks a bit weaker than anyone else that may walk by and even with a self defense item I'd much rather avoid conflict if I can.

    I was not really in search of legal advice (believe me, I know better than to ask for that over the internet), I was in search of comments concerning the items that I mentioned, of those which would be best? I was also wondering if anyone had any other ideas concerning things I overlooked (thank you for your suggestion, it was something new to think about). I know that it is legal for me to utilize and carry any of the 3 items that I mentioned.

    The only legal element at play as far as I'm concerned is if someone suggested something like an asp which I'm relatively certain would require a CCW.
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    From everything I've read about you... situational awareness is your BEST weapon. But if you keep a sock with a roll of querters in your pocket, you will have a powerful long-reach weapon.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Sounds like you need an Expandable Telescopic Baton, and if I am not mistaken, they are legal in Kentucky to carry, but I am no Denny Crane, so be sure to check your local laws for sure before getting one! :eek:

    Being aware and focused of your immediate surroundings and situational awareness and taking care to avoid questionable areas of possible trouble are indeed key instincts of survival, no matter what your size, period.

    An Expandable Telescopic Baton is a powerful and intimidating self-defense weapon. The main reason to carry a baton is to take them BG's down quickly so you can get away to get help. Remember, criminals look for easy targets, someone they can victimize or overpower with little or no trouble.

    These retractable batons are the same weapons used by professional security guards and police officers. The reason that they are a common tool in law enforcement is because they will efficiently stop an attacker in a dangerous situation. Most criminals understand how powerful these weapons are, and will usually back down when they see one.

    One major benefit of a telescopic baton is that it can be used to strike an assailant from a distance. Batons are available in 16, 21 and 26 inch sizes, which means you can protect yourself from more than two feet away. It takes less than a second to open a baton to its full size, all it takes is a quick flick of the wrist. The segments of the baton lock together, and the tip is a solid steel ball that gives the weapon incredible striking power. The handles of the batons are made of a special molded foam, which gives you a very solid grip so you won't drop it, nor will the person on the other end be able to take it away from you. Most all of them will come with a heavy duty nylon or leather holster for attachment to belt. There are various brands on the market, but I prefer the ASP batons.


    You can always get you a nice whistle too! :D
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    Here are my weapons, my empty hands. Get yourself some good self defense training. The thought of not having a weapon won't be there.
    Remember, anything in the hands of one who knows is a weapon.
    Do you carry a backpack...weapon. Do you wear a belt...weapon. Do you carry a pen...weapon. Do you carry a book...weapon. Get the idea.
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    While this looks like an interesting prospect and I will definitely look into it, I'm almost certain I would need a CCW to carry one of these. I'm pretty sure it's considered a deadly weapon.
  9. Timothy_90

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    I definitely agree with all of this, improvising weapons and hand to hand combat are definitely two things I want to obtain at least rudimentary skills in but I feel like they are only one aspect to a total self defense and self awareness strategy.

    I feel as though an improvised weapon is never going to be as effective as a self defense item designed for the task. And I know that learning proper hand to hand techniques could help me defend myself against a potential attacker that is larger and stronger than me but realistically I don't have the time to perfect those techniques to a level where I would trust myself to reliably do it every time. I'm going to look for a self defense class over Christmas break all the same though, as long as I can fit it in between the double shifts at work.

    In my opinon I feel like not carrying something that might help should I encounter an adverse scenario is sort of like not wearing my seat belt because my Jeep has airbags. Relying solely on improvised weapons and hand to hand techniques seems like resorting straight to plan B.

    I don't want everyone to get me wrong here either, I don't live in fear, I live in recognition of the scout motto Be Prepared, I am an Eagle Scout after all.
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    I would lean towards the pepper spray idea. Put one on your key ring and your all set.
  11. Timothy_90

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    So far this is sort of what I'm thinking, it paints me in the least negative light should some would-be mugger try to prosecute me and it's the cheapest.

    The SureFire flashlight is cool but I'm thinking if I cause permanent physical damage with it and there are no witnesses I might have a hard time proving to the officer first on the scene that I wasn't the first one to act. I want to be law enforcement one day and the last thing I need on my record is an assault charge (though as the saying goes, "It's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6). And as mentioned earlier, that TASER is $450- I just don't have that kinda coin laying around.
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    I'll second the roll of coins. The expandable baton is bad cop bait, and you might encounter some rough rookies on a campus.

    Anybody asks, the coins are for condom vending machines; if they look at you cross, ask what their mom is cooking tonight. ;)
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    I say you just walk around with a base ball bat with long roofing nails driven through it in various locations and angles, like a viking club of sorts. On a more serious note, just score some pepper spray. Will pretty much drop anybody, doesn't cause any physical damage other than extreme discomfort, it's small, compact, and easy to use.
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    see my thread hammer time

    for intimidation factor ....nothing beats a ice hammer ....with the lanyard very formidable,plus its cool ....no pun intended
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    Ok I saw a bunch of non leathel and brutal things why not get a remake of a ww1 trench knife. 7'' double edged blade brass knuckles and a brain spike, built for self defense looks scary and made for pearcing thick coats