Osprey Scopes?

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    Are Osprey scopes good quality for their price? i looked over one at a gun show yesterday and it had 56mm objective lens, 10-40x, red or green illuminated reticle, and a bunch of other stuff for 200 bucks, the first thought in my head was holy crap a scope like this from leupold or something would be like 2 grand or something, i turned it down because i didnt know much about it so i came here to ask how they are! thanks for the help!
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    I also looked at one at a gun show last month and considered buying it.
    Thought that I should go home and research it first. Really glad I did.
    Found it for less money and found lots of reviews stating they are junk.
    So, for my application I had in mind, it would not work.
    May be alright for for a plinker rifle, just not for me.

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    There are much better scopes out there for reasonable money. Let us know what you want it for and your budget and we'll try and help you find a good scope.
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    Yes, they are a POS and they are mostly on the forums under "I seen this at a gun show".
    You are not going to find a decent, let alone good scope with these specs close to that price range.
    I picked up this one to put on my pellet rifle for backyard plinking:
    Osprey 3-9x42mm Compact Illuminated Rubber AR Riflescope FREE S&H CP3942IRF, CP3942DPG. Osprey Riflescopes.
    It was supposed to be comparable to an AR15 tactical scope, according to their website. I couldn't even bore sight it and get it back to zero. It didn't even measure up to the Barska sitting in my drawer(which is what I ended up putting on it anyway). Nothing good about a scope, even a super-duper cheap scope, if it doesn't hold zero.
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    Your not going to find a quality 10 X 40 X scope for under $300.00.

    You pay for what you get when it comes to optics, and I have a few cheap scopes that have been in my drawer for years. I kicked myself in the butt for having bought them.
    They are not sharp, especially at higher power, low light transmission, and don't last. If you just save some more money, you can get a quality Nikon or other brand that will last a lifetime.

    The Millet 8 X 25X 50 scopes can be had with side focus for about $350. or so.
    They are a good scope for the price.

    That is a quality scope for a decent price, you can go up from there.

    Just don't waste your money on JUNK scopes, it will bite you every time and you'll be out all the money you spent.

    Quality optics are worth saving for.

    Mueller also has a scope that goes to 35 power with a fine plex and dot retical, it's side focus and the knobs zero. It's a very nice, sharp scope for about $250.00 to $300 or so.
    It has a lifetime warrenty and is really also one worth looking at. You don't need a 40 power scope, you'll never be able to hold it still and the sight picture will be so bad, it will be useless.

    Look at both the Millet and the Meuller. I really like the Mueller scopes as well as the millet. The Mueller is one of the most under rated scopes out there. They have a great sight picture, optics are really good for the price. You would have to spend twice as much to get a better scope. It has the features you want and is a zoom, I just can't remember the lowest power. I borrowed one from a friend and was more than impressed with it and I'm used to shooting $800. plus dollar scopes.

    John K
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    For $300 the Super Sniper 10x42 is probably the best bang for the buck