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    Going to the Orlando gun show tomorrow. I expect a zoo. I am looking for ammo and to see what toys are out there.
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    A friend of mine went to show and said the deals are one and whats left is premium priced. He did get me another gerber machete gator large model for $20 lol. But his dream to get a $500 ar well lets say he didn't have enough LMAO he said man I thought if I waited I would get a deal ! I said see what you get for thinking moron lol.

    HE said people walking around moaning and groaning how high priced guns and ammo are and blah blah blah ! STFU people you waited you dragged your feet and didn't get the awesome deals when they were to be had now stfu and pay the price for dragging feet !

    Heck when I was 3 my dad paid $5000 for a hertz shelby gt350 in mint condition well that same car is over $100k lol it's called CHANGE AND MANY IDIOTS VOTED FOR CHANGE !! Now grab your ankles cuz the CHANGE HASN"T EVEN STARTED YET LMAO

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    Gimme a break here. It is not the elections that caused the problems, it is the irrational fear of the election results that caused the problem. The panic will pass, but the results will continue into the future. We have told the gun and ammo sellers what we are willing to pay. They won't forget when supply catches up with demand. It is a self-inflicted wound.
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    When large number of your elected officials state, without equivocation, that they want to ban "assault rifles" and control everything else, the fear stops being irrational when you're the targeted group.
    They shoved Obamacare up everyone's @$$ after telling us they would, why would anyone believe that they aren't serious about this? Sandy Hook is a big gift for these morons, they certainly aren't going to let this crisis go to waste. Perhaps you believe this is all just posturing? Why would you not take them at their word? It's not like they are being shy these days.
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    Well this show was the most crowded I have ever seen a gun show in Orlando. At 11:00 AM when I was leaving, The line snaked around and was well more then 200 yards long, about two+ deep, about 4-500 people waiting to get in. There were so many people in the show they were offering free tickets for Sunday to anyone who wanted to leave then.

    Some observations:
    • There were plenty of ARs, almost all were more then $1000
    • New hand guns were still listed at MSRP, but they were negotiating prices.
    • There was plenty of .223 and 5.56 ammo, but it was more expensive then Walmart.
    • The only caliber round not in abundance was 9 mm. What was there was pricey.
    • Georgia Arms, who normally has 7 to 9 tables of ammo, was not at the show.
    • NCIS checks which normally take 30 min., were taking 2 1/2 hours when I was there, and the guys at one table said it was getting worse.
    • There were not a lot of "gun show loophole" sales going on. Some rifles, but not a lot of pistols, and no where near the Bloomberg 40%.
    • There were more cops then normal, but they were not concerned, just noting the large crowd.

    All in all a very enjoyable couple of hours in spite of the crowd. I bought some ammo, a pocket knife, a Ruger handgun magazine, and some cleaning supplies. Oh yea, there were plenty of AR magazines there, and the prices did not look any higher then the last show. The handgun magazines were not, there were just none there for some of the newer guns.

    I was looking for a used gun off of a private table to keep it off the states radar. It was a half hearted look as I have no idea what I want next, but did not see anything that grabbed me. The prices for those at the FFL gun stores seemed higher then before.
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    Here's a video of the line at the show on Saturday: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhNlV15_Qh0[/ame]

    There was a line forming as early as 6am... And yes there was a few deals for those who were first in line. One vendor selling 30rd pmags $15ea (limit 5 per person) sold all 200 he had in about 10 minutes after the doors had open up. But as the other posters have said prices was up across the spectrum on most everything. In general most 30rd AR type magazines was running for $30-$50ec. As for 223 rounds there wasn't much available and what was most was charging a $1 a round. (Yea, a case of 1000 that used to sell for around $400 was now selling for $1000). AK/SKS stuff was up as well but only slightly effected, the Magazines and Ammo for those had not been marked up nearly as bad as the AR stuff.

    Local TV News stayed mum on the show and never airing anything about the huge crowds. However here is what the local paper reported on the Show and gives a very accurate depiction of what it was like:
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  7. Balota

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    We had a small gun show in Tulsa this weekend also. If it wasn't for getting NRA membership slightly discounted, it would have been a complete waste of money. Almost no 9mm to be had. Prices ranged from $20 to over $50 for a box of 50 - generic 115gr 9mm FMJ non+p ammo. Made me sick.

    I was hoping to avoid buying a lot of guns. I'd rather own one or two and get good at using those. But I may need to invest in a couple other calibers to avoid situations like this one.