Organized Coyote Hunt

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    Our piece of land has coyote roblem. My Son In Law walked upon a den, in a blowdown, during the middle ,of the day. two were slepping in it. Two his dogs aroused them and got scared as the ciyotess growled and advanced on them. He called his Austalian Sheperd and the Chocolate Lab and they kicked them into high gear and a mile down the road. The game trails is easily defined and muddy from the coyotes, deer, turkeys and whatever else that comes along. The Turkeys and Deer have not beei n our yard since spring becasue of the coyotes.
    So I', looking for ideas on organizing a hunt perhaps a driven hunt in hilly terrain with hollows and mostly flat on to, with a total area of a thousand acres maybe, if we go on down the ridgeline.
    Has anyone done this? Do you offer bounties, which would be nice but would break me as there are probably 100 coyotes.
    What other inctives would you offer and what rules? I think .22s and shotguns only perhaps. Sound like now, i've got an oportunity to shoot one or two . The dogs aree barking their heads off. gone
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    We have had one organized hunt for a friend that raises registered horses. He is concerned about coyotes killing a foal before it can stand and nurse. What we did was put the horses in the barn. Then we took stands in the field with shotguns and heavy birdshot. We managed to kill four coyotes that night. We tried to ambush the coyotes again with no luck.

    Once you shoot coyotes they make themselves scarce. I have killed two that were attacking my neighbors chickens. He hasn't had any more chickens killed by coyotes. Snakes kill the young chickens. It is pretty easy to trap snakes with deer mesh.