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    I'm considering a move to Oregon.

    How firearms friendly are the state government and local governments? I've been doing a bit of research (curse of a classical education) and there seem to be a decent amount of ranges but that just doesn't tell me where I'm going to wind up getting hassled.

    I currently live in Colorado and we're relatively firearms friendly so I'd hate to make a major move and wind up having trouble with my AK.
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    No problem with the AK. No state "approved gun" list.

    Shall issue concealed permits, but they reciprocate with practically no one.
    I have a Oregon resident and Utah non-resident.

    SBR, SBS, AOW, Full auto, Suppressors etc OK, just do the ATF paperwork.

    No magazine restrictions, Instant Check--no waiting period. No registration,
    no restrictions on private sales (background required on private sales at
    gun shows).

    Not the most gun friendly state, but not bad. Any idea where in Oregon
    you are considering moving to?

  3. erikthebald

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    Still in the preliminary stages. I like Colorado well enough, but I've always been a bit of a wanderer and I'm thinking it's time for a move. Same thing happened 13 years ago. I was living in New York and just decided one day to move west. Now I'm considering going a little farther west. Colorado got a little bit Bluer in the last national election.

    I haven't been father northwest than Utah but I've done some research and it seems like there's a good bit of remote area in Oregon and that's what I like. Also, I'm told the climate is fairly moderate. It's 95 freaking degrees outside my house today and I'm not a big fan of the heat. At least it's dry. Still though.

    I was thinking someplace a bit inland, Maybe Eugene. Supposed to be a pet friendly City and in addition to a cabinet full of hardware that goes bang, I've got three big dogs, to which I am quite attached. I've lived in really large cities (NYC Washington DC, Denver) and I don't mind a city environment, as long as it's not a flipping jungle and I don't have to drive too far to "get the hell out of Dodge" as it were.

    Also, there are about a million and a half fewer people in Oregon than currently live in Colorado. Should be a little easier to get some solitude.