Oregon Senate Bills - SB700 potentially moving forward.

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    Hi all, New to the board. Just trying to spread the info and motivate people in the Oregon area.
    The rumors seem to be getting warmer. Why? It may be the result of outside influence all the way from NY (courtesy of Bloomberg).
    Couple of links with more info. Let you rep know (especially Sen Bruce Starr) what you think about the bills and the outside influence!
    In addition, let your friends know and spread the word!



    Easy way to find your state senator/house rep.
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    I sent my letter to my representative

    but I sure would like to know the status of these bills, and if there are other state folks I should be writing or telling. Does anybody know?

  3. Mongo

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    Try OFF (Oregon Firearms Federation)
  4. MissPistol

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    Thanks, Mongo

    Sounds like Betsy Johnson is where I should send my letter and call.

    I have sent a letter to my representative, but I am not sure how this is coming down as a senate bill. I have been using the info provided by Dudley Brown's NAGR group.

    A note: The email link to "all" bounced back on me, so I had to look up my rep on my own. I thiink more action is better than none, so here is the info via NAGR:

    News sources are reporting that the stalled gun control bills are being pushed again by anti-gun supporters.

    Oregon lawmakers didn't coax SB-347, SB-700, and SB-796 through last minute deadlines, just to let them die a quiet death.

    ANY or ALL of these bills could be brought to the Senate floor at a moment's notice...

    Anti-gun State Senators are counting on you being lulled into a false sense of security.
    Melinda, I've seen it too many times, bad gun-grabbing bills on the verge of defeat suddenly being resurrected and rammed through in the dark of night.

    Liberty-loving patriots like you cannot let your guard down now.

    Please take a moment to read my email below.

    Then, I need YOUR help to put an end to these anti-gun bills in Salem.

    Here is what you can do:

    Contact your State Senators and urge them to oppose SB-347, SB-700, SB-796, and all other anti-gun legislation.

    Click here to find your State Senator.

    Or call them at 1-800-332-2313.

    Again, INSIST they OPPOSE all anti-gun bills including SB-347, SB-700, and SB-796.

    Remind them that gun owners like you are watching their actions. Urge them not to pull any last minute anti-gun shenanigans.

    Thank you.

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    Betsys facebook page seems to have the most recent news, other than general articles about Bloomberg spending $$ here. Sounds like she is still pro-2A, and hopefully just playing along till the end of the session.