Ordered my new/1st Ar today

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by tolly4503, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. tolly4503

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    First off I want to thank everyone for answering my questions, as I know I'll have more, But anyways I already have a DPMS lower, that I bought last week, so today I ordered the rest from Del-ton, Its a flat top upper with a
    16" heavy barrel, M4 adjustable stock, plain jane handguards, and a 3-prong muzzle break. Nothing special but good enough for my 1st Ar. Cant wait to get it, they said 2-3 weeks. I know it will end up bein a money pit, but theres worse things to spend money on. Thanks again
  2. bkt

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    Congrats! And let's get a range report after you take it out.

  3. slowryde45

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    congratulations, Tolly, and welcome to the SUR club. Don't worry about it being a plain jane model, it won't stay that way for long :D As soon as you put a few rounds through it, you'll be looking through all the sites, magazines, forums, etc, looking to make it YOUR's. and that's part of the fun.

    Best part is....as soon as you think you have it all dialed in, just the way you like it....there will be another model that is calling your name, beckoning to come home with you. and before you know it....it magically appears in the gun safe, and you are at a loss for words, explaining to the wife...."but honey, I don't know how that happened" :p And then she'll get a new coat/purse/shoes/etc. whatever it takes to make her happy and forget about it, and the whole thing will start all over again :D

    At least that's how my second or third went. The first one, she actually bought for me. The second one, well...that happened cuz the first one got lonely. Actually...it happened because she said the first one was a little too heavy for her to shoot. So I HAD to get one that she could be comfortable with. Afterall, it's all about keeping the little lady happy, too...right? ;)

    Congrats again, and let us know how you like it.

  4. lonyaeger

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    Boy, you're gonna have fun with the black rifle!
  5. Jo da Plumbr

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    I ordered my first at the height of the frenzy.

    Took seven months.

  6. hunter Joe

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    Traded off a Ruger Red Label for my first and have not regretted it one bit. I'm waiting on a kit in 6.8 from J&T for a build I'm doing and I'm damned glad to hear you have joined the ranks.