Ordered my first rifle today :D

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  1. Poink88

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    After much deliberation, I ordered my first rifle at Buds Gun Shop today. It is a Weatherby Vanguard in .308. I know this is an entry level rifle but I am easy to please. :D

    I also bought a Weaver Grand Slam 3-10x40 scope for it. I already have cleaning kits for it too.

    I just need to buy scope mount and rings and some ammo and I should be ready to go when it arrives.

    My local Walmart have some;
    - Winchester Super-X 150 gr Power Point for $17.97 /pack of 20
    - Federal Power-Shok 150 gr soft point for $13.97/pack of 20
    - Remington Express 150 gr Core-Lokt pointed soft point for $17.97/pack of 20

    Planning on buying Federal Power-Shok and Winchester Super-X based on online reviews. Comments?

    Anyone have any recommendation for mount and rings?

    Thank you!!!
  2. dunerunner

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    Congratulations on the purchase!! You know this means a range report is expected... :D

  3. CA357

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    Congratulations! As was said, we will expect pictures and a range report. :cool:
  4. jpattersonnh

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    Congratulations! A 40mm scope without adjustable objective should use Medium rings. I use Burris mounts and rings (redfield style) on my Howa. You will find it will eat any ammo you feed it. I like the scope also. Post some pics when you're done with her. JP
  5. Poink88

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    Just bought some ammo from WalMart today. I was told that they don't impose the 6 box limit anymore.

    I bought 8 boxes of .308 ammo as follows;
    4 boxes of Winchester Super-X 150 gr Power Point for $17.97/pack of 20
    4 boxes of Federal Power-Shok 150 gr soft point for $13.97/pack of 20

    I will mostly use the Federal for target practice and intend to buy a lot more of it later. Come to think of it...I should have bought all Federal since it is cheaper and based on the ballistic report, it actually performed better! Bought Winchester since it has better online reviews.

    While there, I also saw some Weaver mounts and Grand slam steel rings and for less than $27 total, decided to give those a try. They look solid and good quality.
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