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    what optics should i put on top of my future remington 700 sps for hunting and target, I want to be able to zero it in at around 300 yards. and which caliber should i go with to hunt deer and elk: .308, 30-06, .300?
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    Without a doubt would put a set of Leupold rings and bases on it and a 4.5-14x40 Leupold scope on it. The optics are about the best for the money and with the sidefocus parallex it is so much handier them screwing with the objective on the front. I own two of these models and they are great and the warranty is hassle free if anything happens to it.

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    Not enough information to answer the question accurately?

    There is not much real world difference between the .308 and the 30-06 - except the ought six shoots heavier loads better than the .308. The .308 is reputted to be more inherently accurate the the 30-06, however individual rifles will dispell that myth. The .300 Win Mag is in essence a souped up 30-06, again adding a little speed and trajectory over the 30-06 beyond the 300 yard mark.

    What are you going to be shooting that you want to zero the rifle at 300 yards. If you take any of the three calibers you are contemplating and zero them between 1.5 and 2.5 inches high at 100 yards, you should be very close to dead on at 200 yards, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 6.5 to 9 inches low at 300. If you zero at 300 yards, you will be shooting over the back of most big game animals at 100 and 200 yards. 90% plus of whitetails are still shot under 200 yards.

    My choice for any of the three would be a quality 3X9X40 one inch tube fully multi coated scope.

    For the money, I would put a Bushnell Elite 4200 3X9X40 with rainguard on the rifle and never look back. Other choices might include the Zeiss Conquest, the Weaver Grand Slam series, or the Burris Signature Select or even the Fullfiled II.

    My 2 cents worth.

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    The 06 is probily the best all around round out there. You can get ammo for it any where they sell ammo. There really isn`t that much difference in any of the rounds you named. They all do the same thing, it just that the 06 will do it about 5 yrds. farther than the 308 and the 300`s will do it about 20 yards farther than the 06. As for a hunting scope I highly recomand the 3 1/2 x 10 Leupold VX 3 or for alittle less the Leupold VX 2 3 x 9. With your scope on 9X you will have pleanty of power to place you shot on large game to the max. efficitive range of your round and o the lower power, where you should carry it, you`ll have enough field of view for close fast shots. I have around 30 Leupold scopes at present for 2x to 36x fixed and varibles form 2 x 7 to 8 1/2 to 24. The most by far though, are the old Vari X 2 - 3 x 9`s. I bought my first Leupold in 1968 and still have it. Over the years I have sold about all of the scope that were not Leupolds.
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    For 300 yards a 3-12 in Burris rings That way do not have to grind them into aligment. I like a solid one piece base because it adds to the ridgedy of the action I believe.

    Any good scope in the 3-12 power range would be good. 3-9 for my just do not offer the best of anything other than there are billions of them out there. Just because everyone makes it does not mean it is the best.

    I would also say to get yourself a Burris Fullfield II or Nikon Monarch. then take the extra money you saved by not buying a leupold and spend it on a good quality stock. The SPS stock is a hollow POS injection molded chineese CRAP.
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