Optics for Remington 870

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  1. Hey all,
    Unfortunately living in Chicago I don't have fancy AR15 to accessorize so in the meanwhile I want to spoil the closest thing I have to a rifle: my shotgun.


    My shotgun already has a rail and I'd like to get it a high quality red dot. I was looking at Aimpoint and the EOTech 512 and 517 in particular, but a lot of people are saying the EOTech sits way too high compared to the stock. I want to be able to rest my cheek on the stock and not hold my head up and end up with the red dot sight built into my eye while shooting.

    I bet some of you already went through all this and found a working combination. Realistically I don't really want to spend more than $500 on this but if you have, don't hesitate to show me what you got!

    PS: I'm not really interested in buying a new stock with an adjustable cheek riser or even a simple cheek riser, I want a sight that just plainly works with the factory gun.
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  2. Come on, anyone? People really keep their 870 stock lol?

  3. mountainman13

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    I hear vortex makes good shotgun optics.
  4. I'm going to check them out, do you use optics on your shotgun (judging from your signature lol) ?
  5. mountainman13

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    No I don't. I have a nearly stock Mossberg 500
  6. Alright, unfortunately vortex seems to only make scopes and I'm looking for holo sights. It might sound a bit mall ninja but considering that I can't own any rifle where I live right now, 1oz 1600FPS slugs are all I got. I'm pretty sure I'll end up getting an EOTech has they have the best prices compared to other name brands, I'm trying to find which one sits the lowest on the rail (or maybe they all sit at the same height ?).
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    Eotech sights are all pretty close to the same height and width.
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    Aimpoint Micro T1 and Vortex Sparc are available with low mounts. I use a Busnell TRS25 but I dont know how it would hold up the the shotguns recoil.
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    I can't recommend any sights right now. But I will be buying an optic for my 870 as well. If your anywhere near Indiana. I would suggest going to blythes in Griffith
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    Anything by EOTech or Aimpoint will serve you well.


    Hey there 2nd Amendment Freedom, I just came aboard from Boomhower, Texas, posting first time right here, with you. I've heard about Illionois, and here's my thought. What if.............. you got a 2nd bbl for your 870, a rifled bbl. Then, install some quality laser, something preferably not too bulky and cumbersome. I don't know much about them, but there is one offered thru Cheaper than Dirt that replaces the tube magazine cap. You know, something simple yet rugged/reliable. Then, I'd consider Ghost Ring/Tritium sights. Put a 12ga laser boresighter slug in the chamber, adjust the Ghost Ring to match, then the laser. Now, you can get a good sight picture, and if necessary turn on the laser too, but here's the thing: you could crouch behind a car wheel/engine compartment, or large tree, or ?, and you wouldn't even have to look thru the sights, just hold the muzzle so it clears said car or tree without exposing you. You'd have options that way, and that rifled bbl with some accurate sabots would send a message to those Illionois Idiots who legislate whatever got you to this point. Beware, the man from Illionois who has but one gun. He just might have an extra bbl. Oh, you could still go with an E-otec if you like. The Marines are using 'em. What do ya think?
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    Save the money you'd spend on a sight. Use it to buy enough gas to leave Illinois. Not joking.