Optic input for .44 mag Taurus pistol

Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by orangello, Jun 13, 2011.

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    My nephew is getting his dad an optic of some type for his dad's Taurus .44mag (raging bull, i bleve, compensated & such). He asked for my input; after indicating my very limited knowledge in this area, i suggested that he could probably get a better red dot or reflex sight for the $100 or so he wants to spend and suggested he look at a few of them rather than looking at walmart scopes.

    His father is a righty with a damaged right eye who shoots righty but with his left eye, somehow. The sight would be for hunting in Mississippi, primarily deer and usually in some cover with 100 yards being a very long/unusual shot. The father does not have expensive taste but would probably value quality.

    Any suggestions on good/rugged optics at the $100 mark? Any input on the durability of reflex-type sights on a large caliber revolver?

    I told them he would probably be happier with a collectors' item like Sandy Duncan's fake eye. ;)

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    Orangello,I have put several different optics on my Raging Bull 44 over the years.From Halographic sights,scopes-fixed magnification & variable,and several brands of Reddot sights.
    Currently it has a BSA reddot sight.Even though they are low end,it has served me well,and has lasted for atleast 5yrs on this pistol.

    I'm planning on getting one of these Bushnell's.I like the dual red/green dot,and the ability to change the size of the dot from 1MOA-10MOA.

    Bushnell - Red Dot 1x 28mm Red/Green Dot [730135]