Oppose HB 610

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    Representative Goforth has proposed a bill that would eliminate many restricted CONCEALED CARRY places in Ky. Including schools.

    That said and while it sounds admirable, the bill only affords those rights to CCDW holders, while not lifting the restrictions for concealed carriers that have no ccdw.

    This is not fair and equal treatment under the law.
    One can OC into any of the affected places now except schools.

    I suspect it is an effort to prop up the CCDW scam in ky for revenue and the fact EVERY ccdw holder in ky is background checked every month by KSP.
    Oppose this bill and we will likely get the same results next session or even this session without the ccdw qualifier in it.

    Side note I do hold a ccdw so my opposition is not personally driven.
    Ky gun owners simply should not sell their bro carriers out