opinions. trying to build a target rifle out of an old revelation by western auto..

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    I got an old revelation by western auto bolt action that I have always bragged on the accuracy of the old ugly gun... I decided to tear it down and re blue and re finish the stock and make it look as good as it shoots... during the tear down I broke the rear sight, I didn't get real up set thought id never find another but would just get it tapped and put good glass on it, im thinking I would really like to out shoot my girlfriends butler creek 10/22 with the old re done gun. It will be a real chore because her gun shoots really well. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions that would help or know anything about the revelation by western auto????
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    Depending on the model# on the rifle,It could be made by several different mfg's. You can look up the mfg of your rifle on the internet.
    As far as drilling and tapping the action,why waste the money? I'd just go buy a rifle that is already set up to mount a scope.
    You should be able to get a replacement rear sight from Numrich Gun Parts for it.

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    init for the pics!