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    My Son is getting married this week...and at the rehersal dinner I'll be obligated to say a toast. I was surfing the internet and compiling words of wisdom, quotes from famous people on marriage. I started shuffeling a few of these around and discovered if I add this and that, change a few words around etc, I had made this poem. Now, I'm not a poem kind of guy, but it work out kind of witty. I'm asking your opinions...should I read it as a toast at dinner? ...will it embarrass my son? Do you like it?....I can scrap it and come up with a more traditional toast...let me know what you think...thanks.

    I will need your thoughts soon...the dinner is thursday.

    My Toast

    So, let’s raise a glass and offer a toast for these two,
    Our son…your daughter….as they see this thing through.

    To Eric, I offer these words in your life,
    "Behind every great man…there lies a surprised wife."

    For Marriage is defined, it’s been said…I concur,
    …is the lifelong discovery of a man..your wife would prefer.

    And… the experienced spouses…we have here at this table,
    will attest to the truth…. in this ancient fable,

    “Forget your own faults….after wearing your rings,
    There’s no use in two people….remembering the same things.”

    For Eric and Marsha, …. you’ll soon walk up the aisle.
    A walk that is short…. …but may seem like a mile,

    Then, your marriage will fly like a jet in the sky,
    And, at times it may faulter…. as it all goes awry,

    Your airplane is cruising …. climbing to a great height,
    Suddenly a sputter…you’ve lost power..in mid-flight,

    You’re now tossing and spinning… on into a roll,
    You’re headed for earth….completely out-of -control.

    You think …how can we fix it?…. and then land,
    But, there’s no drill, no wrench and no spare parts at hand.

    You both frantically search for a means of repair,
    There’s no plan for this…so, you prepare for a prayer.

    But, a marriage is not a train, a car…nor a jet,
    To patch it up quickly…is a plan you’ll regret..

    As you scramble to mend it, seeking tools and some parts,
    Know what you look for…. is in your own hearts,

    ~ Cheers ~
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    Not bad at all, in my opinion.

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    They are 23 and 24 yrs old if that helps.
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    My speech went something like just say yes, she's always right, you're always wrong. Cheers. So I think you did a great job :D