Opinions on the .460 Rowland?

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by jakewpns, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. jakewpns

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    Just curious if the conversion kit and ammo is worth the money. And am i really getting the bang for my buck?
  2. danf_fl

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    That is like asking if ice cream and chocolate cake go together.
    Yes, you will get bang for the buck.

    But I heard that Clark Custom Guns is not accepting 1911 work on customer's guns until further notice.

  3. limbkiller

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    Great round. A rich mans tinkering toy though. Ammo is expensive but sure is fun to shoot. Buy a 10mm if you want more power and have the money to spend on ammo.
  4. jakewpns

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    My question is, is it impressive enough to fork up the extra cash for to shoot it rather than 45? I mean am i ever going to need that extra power for defensive purposes, but wat do the ballistics look like for .460 rowland, 10mm, and the .41AE?
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  5. danf_fl

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    I have 1911s in .45, .38Super, 10mm (and working on a 9mm 1911 with S&W revolver adjustable sight).

    I have never felt underpowered with the .45 for self defense on the street.

    In the woods, I will carry the 10mm.
  6. canebrake

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    For a PD gun the Rowland is a tad overkill. (As a zombie stopper, it'll make them DRN!)

    I use mine as a back-up hog gun.

    460 ROWLAND 255 gr. HC-FN 1300fps / 957ft. lbs.

    Press Release for Buffalo Bore 460 Rowland Ammunition

    Again, as a result of popular demand, Buffalo Bore has added a new cartridge to its line—the 460 Rowland.

    The 460 Rowland, as we load it, is squarely at mid 44 magnum power levels. This means that a person can now carry a 1911 style combat pistol that has the power of a 44 mag. revolver, but is slimmer, faster to reload, faster to shoot and holds nine rounds instead of a revolver’s six. The 460 Rowland casing is simply a 45 ACP case that has been slightly lengthened so it won’t chamber in a 45 ACP chamber. It also has a stronger web area in the casing, so as to avoid "blow outs".

    To acquire 460 Rowland test guns, I sent two of my 1911 45 acp pistols to Clark Custom Guns and had them install their 460 Rowland conversion kits. To date the converted 1911’s work great. I can fire a 255gr. hard cast bullet @ 1300 fps or a 230gr. FMJ-FN bullet @ 1350 fps. What a great "woods" pistol that still maintains combat pistol qualities.

    We are using flash suppressed powders in each 460 Rowland load, so that if you have to shoot a bear or “bad guy” in the dark, the muzzle flash will not blind the shooter and we feel this feature is a big tactical advantage as most civilian shootings in America, occur in low light and we are willing to bet that most emergency wildlife shootings in the wilderness will be in low light too.

    Note my real world velocities (below) from real world pistols, not laboratory test barrels.

    Colt series 70 govt. mod. 5 inch with Clark 460 conversion

    a) 1524 fps - 954 ft. lbs. - Item # 35A - 185gr. JHP
    b) 1347 fps - 926 ft. lbs. -Item # 35B - 230gr. JHP
    c) 1345 fps - 924 ft. lbs. - Item # 35C - 230gr. FMJ-FN
    d) 1300 fps - 957 ft. lbs. - Item # 35D - 255gr. HC-FN

    Colt 2009 circa Gold Cup govt. Mod. 5 inch with Clark 460 conversion

    a) 1527 fps - 958 ft. lbs. - Item # 35A - 185gr. JHP
    b) 1351 fps - 932 ft. lbs. - Item # 35B - 230gr. JHP
    c) 1353 fps - 935 ft. lbs. - Item # 35C - 230gr. FMJ-FN
    d) 1298 fps - 954 ft. lbs. - Item # 35D - 255gr. HC-FN​

    460 ROWLAND 255 gr. HC-FN 1300fps / 957ft. lbs.
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  7. Transman

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    You'll get a ton of bang for the buck! Probly loudest bang at the range! It's great fun,but I never consider carrying mine.It's a great attention getter at my local pin shoot,and really does a number on the pins.
  8. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    great hunting round bear defense round range fun round but terrible choice for defense against two legged goblins. recoil and muzzle climb is bad for quick accurate follow ups. the compensator adds a lot of length to the gun making it very difficult to carry with any real concealability.

    its no more pricy to shoot than a 45auto if you reload. standard 45acp dies can be used for 460 rowland nothing special needed. if you load for 45acp now you got everything you need except brass.

    my conversion cycles just fine with standard 45acp loads as well as 460 rowland. i find it a little unpleasent to shoot on indoor ranges because of the backblast from the compensator
  9. D.C.

    D.C. New Member

    I hope to read more on this post. Thanks, I've been on the fence about buying one. Sounds to good to not try one out.