Opinions On Smaller Grip Vertec Inox

Discussion in 'Beretta Forum' started by MrBot, Sep 13, 2015.

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    ..looking 4 a home-defense handgun 2 guard the other end of the house from my Ruger GP100. I've that 1 as a nightstand weapon & cherish the heck out of it. It's the 4.2" version. They sell a 5" that I thought about simply because I like the 4.2" so much. ..literally put the 1st 3 shots the day I tested her thru the same hole! ..never done that with any other handgun. So, naturally when I discovered they offer the slightly longer version I seriously considered picking 1 up. But I've always kinda wanted a 9mm so thinkin' 'bout taking the plunge. I've shot the SA XDm & the M9. The grip on the Beretta is just way 2 big, but the Vertec comes with a smaller, straighter grip. ..anyone have any experience/opinions on the Vertec? Normally I wouldn't purchase a handgun I'd never shot b4 but I may make an exception on this 1.
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    The Beretta grip is fat. I have the VZ golf ball grips on mine and it helps. They are a tiny bit thinner but the texture is more important. I cant comment on the Vertec but the Ruger SR9 is worth looking at. Under $400. My wife and I have a pair of SR9c's and are very happy with them. They come with 10 and 17 round mags if you live in a free state. The SR9 full size has 17 round mags. Matching pistols makes it easier so there is no confusion on how does this thing operate or mixing up mags at 3 AM.