Opinions on a Glock 26

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by eborden1122, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. eborden1122

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    I have a Glock 19 I bought a few years ago so I am used to shooting a Glock and love it. But I am picking up a Glock 26 Gen 4 Thursday and I dont know too much about the more compact models. Can any/all give me some opinions on the Gen 4 26 if you have any experience with them. Thanks for the help. Ed
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  2. lyodbraun

    lyodbraun Member

    dont have a Gen4 26, have 27, but they are a great little compact weapon, should be fine have not heard to many issues with the G4 G26... just enjoy it and get use to the small grip...

  3. StainlessSteel215

    StainlessSteel215 New Member

    I own a G26 gen 3 and have shot the Gen 4.....very little difference....at all. SLIGHT difference in the grip shape and stippling. Just a newer model thats all.

    I absolutely love my Glock 26 and having shot a G19 many many times before making my purchase.....I find that I am just as accurate and the felt recoil isnt noticeably different with the G26. You are gonan love it. A tiny package that shoots accurate as hell and with the +2 mag base plate extension you can go to 12+1 rounds.
  4. FullautoUSA

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    I do not own a Glock 26 or any for that matter but I am a big fan of Glock and any Glock product is a good product.
  5. SSGN_Doc

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    Don't have a gen4. Mine is pretty old. Great carry gun. Very shootable for its size.
  6. locnload

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    I have an older Gen 3 that I bought used, its a great pistol for primary cary or back up. I prefer my G19 for EDC, but have no problem carrying the 26 when absolute concealabilty is an issue. I had looked at them several times but had not bought one because it just didn't feel as good as the G19, but walked in to my LGS one day and found a supper deal on this used one and have never regretted it. "Its a good thing". Go for it and enjoy. ;)
  7. Thr33FiftyS3v3n

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    I have a gen 3 26 and its my favorite carry gun.
  8. Patch Delta

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    I bought a G17 Gen4 and liked it so well I went and bought the G26 Gen4. I bought some Glock 12 round magazines for my fingers to rest and added a 3.5# connector and 6# spring. The G26 is accurate, reliable and now my EDC.:D
  9. druryj

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    My Gen 4 G26 is my all time favorite ccw gun in the 17+ years I have lugged a pistol along. Rides just right in a UBG Canute IWB, or a Kramer Belt Scabbard OWB.
  10. pistolero_loco

    pistolero_loco New Member

    Not much difference in size

    If you use the mag pinkie extensions on the G-26 you will find the size and weight difference between the G-19 and G-26 almost negligible. Therefore if you are going to use it for the range, and also IWB carry, you might as well just stick with the G-19. In my mind both of these pistols are top shelf, but for my needs, too big for easy comfortable carry. The G-26 is not a pocket pistol. I prefer something a little thinner and a little lighter such as the M&P Shield.
  11. druryj

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    Actually, mag extensions only give more length to the front of the grip; the rear of the grip, which is the culprit in regards to printing IWB is NOT lengthened. Thus; I don't find the G26 with mag extensions to be totally comparable to a G19 in size and weight. I personally find the G26 better from me for IWB; without any mag extensions on it. I have A UBG Canute holster for both the G26 and G19. The 19 is quite concealable under most circumstances, but the 26 is even more so...YMMV. Regardless, I won't get rid of either of these guns; they are both top shelf self-defense pistols. And I might add; I do sometimes slip the G26 into a Mika pocket holster when I am not wearing covered IWB and go run my errands in Wally World or whatever. It's a load in the pocket for sure and I wouldn't want to carry it that way all day, but for quick in and outs, it works okay.[​IMG]
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  12. mcb

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    I have a gen 3 27. Great shooter and easy to conceal.
  13. Dizzll

    Dizzll New Member

    If you carry it stock (no mag extensions), it is more concealable. If not you wasted your money over the 19. Takes 19 mags, great weapon.