Opinions of the Remington 7600

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  1. MP1000

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    What are your opinions of the Remington 7600 pump action rifle? I just saw it today, and it looks like my kind of gun. It's a pump action instead of bolt, it's a rifle, and it's a big game rifle. Plus it's a nice looking gun. I know it doesn't have as good a sight as the bolt actions, but I don't care. Just two questions, is the loading and unloading the same a the pump action shotgun? How many total rounds can it store at once?

    So what are your opinions of the rifle?
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  2. Dillinger

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    Any type of action like that isn't going to be as accurate as a dedicated bolt action.

    Personally, I am carrying any type of rifle, want it to be the most accurate platform I can have, because a miss is still a miss and doesn't put meat on the table or Zombies in the dirt. :cool:

    The weapon is sound, but it would not be my first choice for any type of field gun.

    However, if you are doing short range hunting, with medium brush and not having to worry about taking 100 yard shots, it's probably a good choice and it won't cost you an arm and a leg either.


  3. MP1000

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    But I wanted to shoot zombies. Just kidding. I don't need it to be top of the line accurate. I won't be shooting at anything at, or over 100 yards.
  4. jbshoots

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    in my opinion it looks like a rifle with an identity crisis...but everyone has different styles i suppose.

    however, i do agree with the above poster about the accuracy factor. when talking about rifles, i never want to sacrifice any accuracy whatsoever.

    but to answer your questions:

    it has a drop-out four round magazine instead of the tube under the barrel like a shotgun has.

    here is the page i checked out on this rifle from the remington site:

    Remington Model 7600™
  5. masterPsmith

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    It's not a target rifle, but is a very capable and handy hunting rifle. It would serve you well for that...........

  6. M14sRock

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    I have a carbine in .30-06 and it shoots very well. The 7600 uses the same bbl blank as the 700, but the action is (of course) not as precise.

    The accuracy will surprise you and is sufficient for far beyond 100 yards.

    The most successful deer hunting family in the country uses 7600's. http://www.benoitsbigbucks.com/Rifle/Rifle.htm

    TOP PREDATOR New Member

    it's a great carry rifle, easy handling, especially for in and out of brushy areas, you can tactical it up a bit with rails, front vertical grip, collapsible stock (870 accessories) and 10 round mags available, tritium sights if you wish.

    very durable and time tested, easy pointing. in my opinion, one of the best hunting rifles made.

    good lookers also, mine was an older 760 gamemaster model with basket weave and acorn engraved wood.

    i'm now more of an open field hunter now, so i sold it (wasn't used for 10 years) for $ for a bolt. otherwise would swear by it at close range to 140 yards
  8. Gatekeeper

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    Im a die hard bolt guy. But I have shot my G'dads old 141 pump 35rem into 2" groups with fact. ammo@ 100yd with iron sights so the pumps can surprise you.

    I bought a maple stocked 7600 in 35 whelen few months back for black bear hunting.
    I hunt in thick laurel and boulders in the mountains near my home. So if I was able to get 1 1/2 to 2" groups @ 100yards I would be happy.

    After breaking in barrel, first handload I tried put 3shots under 1.5" @100 yards.
    Second load changed charge 1gr 3shots went under 1.25".
    Third load changed 1 gr. put 4shots under 7/8" (had 4 loaded at that weight:D)
    Good enough! Im done with load development.:cool:

    Shot from BR using 250gr interlock with 2-7 Leupold set in Leup. Qr rings.

    Good bolts will beat this for sure. but I'm pleasantly surprised at the level of accuracy from such a light, fast handling hunting rifle.---Ken
  9. Gatekeeper

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    The bolt on the 7600 uses a rotary bolt with 4 locking lugs, kind of similiar to an AR's bolt. Its not locked like a shotgun action.
    The biggest weakness is the trigger IMO. It is not heavy but feels a bit mushy. I polished mine a bit with Flitz polishing compound and it helped out some, but it will never be a smooth as a tuned bolt action trigger.
    Two more cents---Ken
  10. Rex in OTZ

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    7600 in .35 Whelen

    Its a sound gun and is like most Remington products Ive had so far Im happy with it, has good hunting accuracy as a scope will let it, mine has 4 round detachable steel mags.

    A friend has a 760 in .270winchester that is the only rifle he carries here, we both have 12ga Remington 870's shotguns, mine is a older wingmaster and I like it allot. I had a modle 572 pump .22 'like a fool I traded it in part for a Ruger .44 carbine'

    The other Remington's Ive been happy with were the Model 522viper, 552 speedmaster,Nylon66,model 700 in .17Remington, model 78 in .223rem, original rolling block religned to .45-70Govt.

    I'm not even a remington fanatic, I just have what shoots best for me.
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  11. yazul42

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    I have some friends in Pa., that swear by 760's and the newer 7600's. A semi- auto is not legal there and they like ctg. offerings in the Rem. vs. most of the lever actions available. They mostly hunt in the hills and like the quick follow up shots that the pump action provides. I've shot them and they performed very well with low magnification scopes. Very handy rifles, although I prefer my Mauser in 7mm Rem. Mag.

    Good hunting,
  12. cyendrey

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    A model 760 in 270 was the very first rifle I bought for myself after getting out on my own - you know I just couldn't use/have the same style or type of rifle my dad had let me use growing up ;-). I'm going to assume the newer 7600 is similar to the previous model in most respects. It was/is a good rifle within the limitations of the design.

    It was accurate, but tended to string shots vertically. After I got some training/started gunsmithing, I disassembled it and found that the barrel lug was uneven/did not contact the receiver evenly. Some very light polishing remedied the problem and the groups stopped stringing and shrank from slightly over 1" to around .75 to .625.

    My biggest issue was and remians the trigger which is why I eventually sold it and moved to a bolt action. Out of the box the trigger was heavy with creep and over travel (eventually measured at approx 11 lb pull). Hunting required a good setup with plenty of time to squeeze the trigger ;-) . I stoned the bearing surfaces and made it smoother, but it was/is a non adjustable design with some cast/pot metal parts; additionally no one was willing to make an alternative spring and some bad things happened to some who tried clipping coils.

    My experience with it is why I won't consider or even look at any of the various pump or semi-auto hunting rifles available - I can't / won't tolerate the triggers associated with that design for hunting purposes.

    It boils down to what you want and are willing to accept as compromises for that rifle design. I have no doubt it, like most rifles, is more accurate than most shooters.
  13. dteed4094

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    I've hunted with my 760 30.06 for over 20 years. Every time I take it to the range just to make sure it is still on, it shoots a 3 round less than 1" group 1" high at 100 yds. with the cheap Tasco scope that came on it when I bought it. I have not had the caps off the scope since the first time I sighted it in! I have several bolt actions, but none that I have any more confidence in than my pump. I do believe bolt actions are more consistant than pumps in general but mine seems to be a fine shooter.