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PM9 yes!

First let me state that I am a novice but be that as it may, I did tons of research before purchasing my first firearm, which turned out to be a PM9. I knew that if I purchased a firearm that was too cumbersome to carry, it would stay at home. I've spoken with too many firearm owners who had the intent of carrying but wound up buying a gun that was too big. The result was that they carried for a month or two and then got tired of it and stopped carrying.

Given that, I like the PM9. First of all, it is very light -- I think 16oz. empty. It's comfortable to fire for a gun this size. At a height of 6'2", my hands are of considerable size. My pinky finger does run "free" since the grip is relatively short but the extended mag that comes with it will help there if you feel like you need it.

Even as a novice, I am very happy with the accuracy of this firearm.

As I spent hours on various forums trying to make a decision on my first firearm, I found that for many, either they love Kahrs or they hate them. That's just the feeling I get. It seemed to me that there were concerns regarding reliability. Owners either had no problems and others had lots of problems. As for me, I had a few FTF's in the frist 100 rounds but in the next 500 rounds had no issues. As for reliability, I figured if there were issues, well, that is what the manufacturer is for, to correct any potential problems which can essentially occur with any firearm in the break-in period.

The firearm isn't cheap. I believe I paid around $600 for it which I believe is a relatively good price for this firearm. And I know one can get other firearms at a lesser cost, but the bottom line is does it fit your needs. I was willing to pay the extra money for it because I knew that the likelihood of me carrying the Kahr PM9 is much higher than say a Glock 26. Don't get me wrong. Glock is a great firearm. Very reliable but for me a little too big to carry comfortably consistently. The PM9 will fit in my front pocket even with jeans on but I would be a bit concerned about printing unless I had the right holster. I carry using an IWB holster.

Below is a link to a video I watched regarding the PM9. It may help.

Kahr PM9 - Google Video

Good luck.
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