Opinions Needed on buying a Glock 30sf

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Wonder Dog, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. Wonder Dog

    Wonder Dog Guest

    Shooters: I am a new member to your forum & welcome your opinions.
    I am extremely interested in the Glock 30sf. A short bio on me -Marine Corp Veteran, & happily married! Both my wife & myself shoot our Glock 19, Glock 23, and Sig Sauer 239-9mm.
    My question involves purchasing a Glock 30sf. Our local range does'nt rent this handgun but my wife and I have held this handgun and like the way it fits our hands. This handgun would be used for both plinking targets at our range and protecting our home.
    My concerns are -(1) realiability in functioning
    (2) felt recoil
    (3) accuracy
    (4) double taps-how fast
    (5) thoughts you may have on this handgun

    Thank-you for your thoughts & time!:wavey
  2. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    Welcome to the Forum -

    I'm not personally a fan of the Glocks at all, but there are plenty here with a lot of knowledge who are more than willing to help out a fellow shooter.

    The lads will be along shortly to help you out I am sure.


  3. chopkick

    chopkick New Member

    Actually this very handgun will be my next purchase.
    As far as funtioning goes; as good as any other quality firearm. I carry the model 19 on duty and have never had a problem.
    Felt recoil; may be a little stiff for the lady but nothing she or a marine can't handle.
    Accuracy and double taps; very good to excellent.
    Personal thoughts; refer to my opening sentence.
    Good luck
  4. Wonder Dog

    Wonder Dog Guest

    Thank-you for your post. The way I see it --if my wife & I can handle the recoil of the G23 -then the G30sf should be fun to shoot.
  5. Bighead

    Bighead Member

    On par with other Glocks. You shouldn't have a problem here.

    Worse than your 19, similar to your 23 but not as snappy.

    Again, on par with Glock. IMO the .45 will perform better than your .40

    You will probably find time on target to be similar to your M23.

    An excellent addition to your collection of mid-sized Glock pistols. Also welcome to the forum.
  6. sgtdeath66

    sgtdeath66 New Member

    the 30 is a very fine weapon. the recoil is not as bad as you would think. when i was taking my ccw course thats the gun i used because it was very easy to handle. the sherrifs that were teaching the class wanted to shoot mine just to see what it felt like, and they were very suprised at the handling the one actually tryd to get me to trade him my 30 for his 9mm sub compact. unfortunatly for him it was a no-go. as for double taps very easy to do. i dont think the wife will have any trouble with felt recoil. i say buy it, i wish i still had mine, but i had a dumb-a$$ attack and did a stupid trade. hope this helps