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    Soooo, today i seen the show about the Remington 7oo missfires... it actually quite interests me... to tell you the truth, i dont know WHAT i believe.. so i turn to yall, the ones whove done this for years... Whats your opinion on the Remington 7oo missfiring? Now yes, i know... safety shoulda be taken, thats why these idiots got injured... but still, is it true that theyre firing by themselves? And one more thing, since im kind of scared right now to get a rem7oo, does browning make a good .308 bolt action rifle for no more than 1,ooo bucks?

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    Dont know anything about POST 1964 Mdl 700's -
    Browning A Bolts are GREAT :cool:
    Doubt this helps :eek:

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    ok once again.

    the msnbc story is pure utter bullsht. there is nothing mechanically wrong with the remington 700. it is a story designed by msnbc who are anti-gun bigots to descredit americas largest and most successful rifle maker.

    the only way that behavior can occur is by misadjusting the trigger system. if you turn the trigger adjustment screw beyound its lowest safe setting it will go off just as seen on that stupid show. set it back and it will function flawlessly.

    i can duplicate that behaviour on my 700xcr by maladjusting the trigger. all it takes is a small screw driver and you dont even have to take the rifle stock off. thos rifles were rigged to do that on pupose by anti-gun bigots.

    i highly recomend an xcr. the trigger is amazing. mine is a compact tactical with 40-x trigger aluminum bedded action free float barrel. i can get sub .5 moa when i really try at 100yds. it beats the crap out of brwning.
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