Opinions about new handguns?

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by lilpablo1120, May 21, 2012.

  1. lilpablo1120

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    Have an antique revolver i plan on selling so i can buy a good semi auto hand gun. Out of 9mm, .40cal, or .45 acp which is better? And whats some good semi cheap reliable handguns?
  2. hardluk1

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    I can say buy a brand x and you will get bad feed back, plus it may not fit your hand at all. Are they good ?? yes. Try to google or bing for 9mm pistols reviews of brands you show any interest in. Here and many forums you will find good and bad with most any pistol you ask about. I own 3 brands people whine about all the time. Mine run great for me. Never owned a bad firearm. Go figure. Stay with a name brand with a some history and you will be fine. Just buy what fits your buget, size and function you want.

    Heres somewhere to get a start-http://www.best9mm.com/ Try this wih different calibers. When you think you have narrowed the group down try to rent or shoot a few.

  3. therewolf

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    Rent Rent Rent.

    Try them out.

    I like 9mm and 45ACPs. I like 1911s and Berettas.

    You may hate both, and prefer a Glock .40.

    This is all so personal.

    Be sure before you buy.

    Remember, to savor the journey, in

    order to truly enjoy the destination.

    (and pray it aint a round trip)
  4. Chainfire

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    I will let all of you Beta-test the new ones. My defensive pistol is a design that has been proven for over 100 years.
  5. levelcross

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    I agree with the others above.

    You can have cheap and fast, or you can have fast and good, or you can have cheap and good, but you cannot have all three.

    Depending on the use of the gun buy what your heart and hand tells you.
  6. bigj

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    Gun are like women some like them big some like them small, short,tall, I like them all
  7. Thebiker

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    Therewolf nailed it: RENT RENT RENT

    I work a LGS/Shooting Range and we do lots of rentals to folks looking to buy. We usually have 6 different brands & models in 9mm, .40, .22 and .45. We also have a variety of .380 and several wheel guns for folks that want revolvers. We probably have @ 45 rentals available.

    Best way to find out what suits is to shoot 'em and find what gives you the biggest smile-----that will be the one for you:D. As always, JMHO & YMMV.