Opinion on the Bersa Thunder .380

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by mcgeemosoby, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. mcgeemosoby

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    I already own a Glock 23 Gen 4. That is my main home protector and conceal carry gun. It is fine in the winter because I usually wear a big coat and can carry it on my side in a holster. When it warms up, it will be too big to conceal. I was interested in the bodyguard .380, but there are huge waiting lists and it is very expensive for what it is. I saw a Bersa Thunder .380 at a local gun store today and it felt good and is very small and easy to conceal. Plus it had a price tag of $226. Wow!!!!! Wanted to know some opinions on this gun. Looks like a good deal.

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  2. g17frantz

    g17frantz New Member

    Bersa makes a pretty damn good firearm IMO. Trigger pull is amazingly smooth-i was floored on how well it functioned. I got rid of mine after about 500 rnds-ammo is ridiculously priced. Not one problem out of the 500 I shot. Good weapon and dependable. Don't waste your $ on a .380. If you want compact, spend another $100 or so and get a Ruger LC9. My shop is selling them for $325 if i remember right.

  3. USMC-03

    USMC-03 New Member

    The Bersa is a good gun, I like mine a lot. I don't use it as a defensive firearm or even shoot it much because of ammo cost, it's one of those guns I have just because. I have never had a problem with the accuracy or reliability of it. If you like it then go for it.
  4. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    i bought one last year for the wife, NIB, $270 + tax. she likes it alot and i have shot it some. works great and functions very well. biggest drawback is the cost of the ammo. other than that, it's great little pistol. anything in 380 is going to use expensive ammo. fit and finish are pretty good and after field stripping it, appears very well made too. at $226, i would go for it, as that seems like a really good price.
  5. Jkl-28

    Jkl-28 New Member

    I love beers firearms! U can't beat them specially for theire prices!
    I think they make a great gun with great quality
  6. partdeux

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    Wife has one, she shoots it better then her 9. I don't particuraly like it, but I can hit what I aim at with it.
  7. gollygee

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    My wife has the Thunder .380 & I have the Concealed Carry .380. She's really not into going to the range & shooting so she only shot a couple of mag loads through it to get the feel of it & learn the controls. I broke both of them in. Cycled & shot anything I tried in them with no uh-ohs & more accurate than I am (My wife's a much better shooter than I am).

    I've talked to some that had both the Bersa & the Boyguard & they report the Bersa has the best trigger.

    Some say their's is picky about ammo, so best to buy a small amount of various brands until you know for sure what they like. Once broken in, they'll usually handle anything. Being the "blow-back" design, they are subject to limp wristing & the recoil has a little bit of snap to it, but not a problem even with my weakened wrists. They are known to come heavily gunked up with preservative, so need a very thorough cleaning & lube before shooting.
  8. orangello

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    I enjoyed mine very much until it went to my sister; now, she likes it. It ate/eats Magtech and some Wallyworld ammo for target practice without a hiccup and did fine with some federal hydrashock hollowpoints. I really liked the flat nickel finish. Mags aren't cheap, but they are available online.

    I will probably buy another one soon, probably the 15 round capacity model.
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  9. locnload

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    I've owned a Bersa 380 for about 12 years and although I don't often shoot it anymore I still love it and I will never sell it. Good gun, reliable, accurate and surprisingly smooth for its price range. It was the first gun I used for concealed carry. I usually carry a G19 now, (same size as your G23) and with a good IWB holster I really dont find it any harder to conceal than the Bersa, but hey, any excuse to buy another gun. ;)